Wednesday, October 24, 2007

God Hugged Me

I don't know if I have said it here before, or not, but I am convinced God hugs me, kisses me, and tells me He loves me through the arms and mouth of my seven year old son, Matthew. If you have heard me speak or read my book, you know the story about Matthew wetting his pants (again!!!) and God taking that opportunity to tell me He loves me. Well, it goes beyond that story and today was another occurrence - this time in the hugging department.
I was working with the boys on their spelling homework, practicing for the tests they each have tomorrow. After I corrected their work I told them they needed to write each word they had misspelled, five times. Joshua didn't like my decision and was putting up quite a fuss. (He was also mad at me because I had orignially told him he'd spelled "built" and "build" correctly, but when I looked more closely at his paper - and when it wasn't upside down to me - I realized he had gotten them wrong.)
How quickly we moved from, (quite calmly)"You need to write these words five times each," to, (mustering up all the self control I could find to keep from screaming)"Don't talk that way to me, young man. You need to sit down here and write those words...Get back here! I don't want you walking away from me when I am talking to you."
I let Joshua go into his room to write his words, on the condition he didn't slam his door on the way. Meanwhile, I stood in the dining room breathing deeply, trying to remind myself, This, too, shall pass.
Just about that time, Matthew came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist in a tender hug. I started to pray - asking God to grant me wisdom in this thing called mothering, and for the grace I need to love these kids. I thanked him for Matthew, believing He was hugging me through him, and at just that moment Matthew squeezed harder and held on.

I'm telling you, God hugged me today!

I wonder if you pay attention where you'll see Him show up, and who He will use to love on you!?

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annie said...

I'll be watching and waiting for God's hugs :o)!

Karen said...

That is beautiful! My daughter gave me this amazing hug that just ministered to me and I could 'feel' it's difference and when she said that Jesus had told her to hug me. I don't feel like the flashest Mum tonight, I have this cratering tiredness and it seems both children are in tandem asking, wanting, asking, coming back and hubby is working late tonight - grace Oh Lord please. Fatigue is my biggest battle with parenting.

StaceyStace said...

Hi, Karen!
Just today, as a matter of fact! I was busy. I needed to get a letter to my child's school, but was running out of time and feeling pressured. Without knowing anything about this, a sweet lady whom I was working for, asked if I needed any errands run while she was out. Of course, I said no thank you - I couldn't imagine taking her time, after all I was serving her!

I sensed the Holy Spirit say, "you ask for my help, but you are too proud to be needy. Let me love you through her. Go ahead. Be needy. Drop the pride."

I think it is so much easier to serve. It is tough to show how needy I really am. But she took the letter, and I thanked God for loving me through a kind and gentle woman!

Sweet Mummy said...

I love this picture! I know my littlest guy ministers to me this way a lot, and my oldest son has been more sensitive in this way recently too. Such sweet connections, when I realize what's going on!