Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Parable of the Loose Tooth

He did it again.

God spoke to me tonight through a very ordinary circumstance, and even through my own words.

Joshua has been working on a loose tooth for a couple weeks now, and when he came home from school today he gave me a big smile and pointed to a new hole in his mouth. I smiled back, "Oh! You lost your tooth!" He didn't make too big of a deal about it at the time, but as I was saying Good-night tonight, Joshua wanted to tell me more.
He said when he was standing in line to go out for recess he told his friend, "No matter what I have to do, I am going to lose this tooth today!" But it just wouldn't come out. A short while later, when Joshua wasn't "messing" with his tooth, out it came. As he retold me the story he said he was surprised that when he was trying to pull the tooth out it wouldn't come, but when he left it alone it came out. "Isn't that weird?" he asked.
I looked at my dear son and said, "You know, honey, many things work that way. Sometimes we try and try to make something happen, but we can't get it done. And then when we let go, the thing we've been trying so hard for finally comes through."
At the very moment those words were passing over my lips, it were as if God was saying to me, Listen to what you're saying. These words are from Me. And I immediately thought about the issues I've been trying and trying to bring into being. I've mentioned briefly some things I'm struggling with regarding Matthew, and there are other issues with Joshua. As I considered Joshua's tooth tonight I realized I've been trying to pull a few teeth around here, too. But tonight God was reminding me He's the Dentist, and I'm just the hygienist. I need to help the kids "keep their teeth clean" but the pulling is up to Him.
It isn't always easy to remember my role. I want to see results now. I don't want to wait. Tonight, through a simple conversation about a loose tooth God reminded me my role is to trust and obey - and let God be God.

How about you? Have you been trying to pull some teeth?

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Rochelle said...

Oh... I love when God talks to me like that. And yeah... I often find myself rushing God, when I all too well know I should be patient. Great post.

Sweet Mummy said...

We're doing the loose tooth thing here too with our 2 oldest kiddos... that is a very GOOD picture for me. First, to answer your question, yes I've been trying to "pull some teeth"... It hadn't occured to me that pondering and working and talking and all that with my kids about these issues might NOT be what the Lord would have me do (not in all cases, ALL the time, anyway)...

2nd, I need to pay attention to that GOD-voice during those kinds of moments. He takes opportunities for teachable moments with me just like I try to do with my kiddos. Hmmm... what a great idea! Now if I would just listen!!

Karen said...

Wow Karen, the Lord has really spoken clearly through this! My son lost his first tooth on October 1st, so the whole 'tooth' thing is fresh in my thoughts - thank you for sharing this, it really made a lot of sense!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I love this!
I love it when God speaks like that.
That is the difference between asking God to bless our plan and finding out what HIS plan is!
Oh please Lord, let me be the latter.

Did I gather that your sons are Matthew and Joshua? So are mine!


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Hey thanks for reminding me of this.... I didn't go to school to be a dentist... so why do i think that i am capable of doing it?

Oh, if you get a chance, I left ya someone on my blog... scroll down 3 posts or so... :)

KarenW said...

God does speak through the "little" things in life. We just have to still and listen! Thanks for sharing such an awesome truth.

momteacherfriend said...

I love God moments like these. It reminds me he is interested in even the smallest detail of life. And to have him speak over you....I love God.