Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hold Me, Please

I had time today to work on my new book. Ahhhh. It felt good.
Right now I am primarily working on the "Your Turn" sections of the entries. As I write I am praying for the women who will read this book, and it thrills my heart to realize God knows exactly who they are and He will orchestrate their days to bring these words and their circumstances together at just the right time.
I commented to Brian about this thought while we were eating lunch and he said, "Do you realize He also knows the women who will read your fourth book?"
My fourth book?
I said something about not being sure I would be writing a fourth book. Brian just smiled and said, "I bet you will."
He is my best cheerleader.

So, while I will be talking more about my first book next week (participating in the Fall Y'all blog give-away party) today I am sharing from "Book Two." Yeah, that's how I have it labeled on my computer. Haven't settled on a title yet, though I am leaning toward, Got Hope? More Confessions of an Irritable Mother.
I welcome your feedback on that title, BTW!

Hold me, please

I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready when I heard Matthew scream from outside. It sounded like an Ouch! That hurt! kind of scream, so I went to meet him at the door and find out what was wrong. When he came into the house I sat down on the step and Matthew just climbed up on my lap so I could hold him.
Sitting there together, Matthew did not say anything and I really did not do much either. I just told Matthew I loved him and I knew he was hurting. I rubbed his back and assured him he would be OK soon. As far as I could see, there was no blood to wipe up or dirt to brush off. So I rocked him and told him I loved him until he was ready to get up and go play again.
I remember sitting on the step with Matthew thinking, Gee, I am not doing much for him, am I? With no obvious ailments to treat, I was wondering about my usefulness. Tender words and touch did not seem very practical for treating whatever had happened to make him scream. He never did tell me what happened. It seemed he just wanted to sit on my lap until he felt better.
In time he did feel better, and rushed back outside.
After Matthew was off on another adventure, I considered how the scenario in which I had just played a part was like a picture of how God tends to my needs. He understands when I am hurting and is always waiting for me to come to Him for comfort. When I come, God tenderly holds me and assures me of His love. He gives me confidence to know I will be alright.
I have come to realize God has full knowledge of every situation which is hurting me and He may or may not do much about it. Sometimes God moves in the circumstances and eases my pain. On other occasions He allows time and circumstances to work themselves out. God alone knows what is necessary and I am convinced whatever He does is perfect and right – even if I cannot see it at the moment. And just as it was with Matthew and me, now I understand sometimes it may simply be God’s comfort and love I need to get me through a difficult time until I am able to run again.

Your Turn: How are you doing today? Is there a situation in your life right now which makes you want to yell, “Ouch! That hurts!”? Your Heavenly Father knows all about it, and He cares about your pain. Will you allow Him to speak His love to you, and to assure you everything is going to be alright?
Imagine yourself sitting on His lap, leaning upon His chest. Sometimes I wrap my arms around myself or cup my face in my hands, as if they were His own, and think about Him physically holding me. As you are sitting there, ask the Lord what He wants to say to you. He is your Abba Father, and He loves you so much! Can you hear Him telling you of His love?
God does not mind if you wet His shoulder with your tears. Go ahead and tell Him about your pain, and let Him lift you up as He covers you with love

Praying you will hear God speak His love to you today!

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Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

I can't wait to read the whole thing... AND the fourth book... so get busy, will ya?

Stephanie said...

Thank you Karen! I did read this earlier today. And it did help.

I read something in your book today that struck me... you were remembering watching your son struggling with something and thinking "If he would only ask for help I would help him." And then you said think of God sitting there watching you struggle and waiting for you to ask for help. WOW! Goodness yes! I am one not to burden anyone. If I burden people they will go away or reject me for being too much work. (You got my email right.. so you know I was unsure as to whether I could reconnect with you.) But God promises that he is there. I just have to stop and ask. Oh, how hard that is to do.

Many thanks for your ministry.


Joyful Days said...

That was a really lovely post. Sometimes it is the holding that is the medicine. Thankful for a heavenly Father who knows best.

I passed the Thoughtful Blogger award to you. It is for posts just like this.

Thanks, Karen!

Rachel said...

I'm living each day changed since finishing your book. Now, these posts fuel me on! Much thanks to you!

Sweet Mummy said...

I'm amazed at what you can put together. You make writing look so easy. You are very gifted. I love this "Your Turn" aspect of the books. I do have at least one thing going on that I need His comfort about. I must find time to crawl in his lap and be ministered to by his hug.

(I'm catching up on lots of your posts, today, if you hadn't noticed... I hope I don't sound too 'down' because I'm really not. I'm finding great comfort and challenge in your words, and I want to share that with you. You are awesome!)