Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Monday!

This is a beautiful day!

When I posted last Friday, my intention was to encourage you, dear readers. I wanted to bless you with the reminder that God gives hope. Really, it was not meant to be a self-serving post.
But I do believe I may have ended up receiving more blessing than the sum total of everyone who read. You have no idea how encouraged I have been by your comments - as you have shared your experiences and victories, and have given me even more hope for Matthew. (Thanks for commenting for the first time, Erika. I'm so glad you did!) I am fully convinced Matthew will do more than just "get by." God created him for a purpose, and everything He does is good.
When I went in to work out Saturday morning I told Katie how encouraged I was by all your kind words, and that she shouldn't be surprised if I started crying. I had spent the morning being overwhelmed by God's love and goodness and I thought it might start spilling out of my eyes. It must have been the strength He was pouring into me that allowed me to do almost SIX pull-ups Saturday! (Sorry. I'm still excited about that accomplishment, and couldn't resist bragging. *grin*)

So, this encouragement from the weekend was still carrying me this morning when I found out that Heidi at Moms, Ministry, and More had given me an award. See what I mean? It's a beautiful day!I am feeling so uplifted at the moment, I almost don't know what to do with myself. But I'll figure it out. Don't worry!

Now, I have the privilege of sharing this award with seven other bloggers, and I am delighted to do so. The award is called "I Love Your Blog," and it is true that I love the blogs of these women I'm about to list. But the truth of the matter is this: The reason I love their blogs is because I love their hearts. Each of these women are on a journey with Jesus - different places, different circumstances, but the same Jesus. And I love to read about the ways they are growing in Him, finding Him to be faithful, and discovering more about who they are in Him. Please visit these women and see what I mean:
Angela at Becoming Me
Leslie at Do You Weary Like I Do?
Ronel at Mommy Accountability
Penny at Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
Amanda at I am Mommy
And these last two are brand new blogging friends. They're sisters and I love the way they love each other. Makes me wish my sister didn't live sooooo far away.
*sad face*
Anyway, I have only read a few of their posts, but, like I said before - it's a woman's heart that makes me love her blog. And I already love the hearts of these two sisters!
Chatty Kelly at Wonder Woman Wonders
MyADHDandMe at Monkeys are Funny
*note: Go to the bathroom before you visit Monkeys are Funny. Or you WILL wet your pants!

Now, for you recipients of this award, here's the deal:
* Display your award.
* Link back to the person who gave you the award.
* Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
* Put links to those blogs on yours.
* Leave a message on the blogs of the people you've nominated.
* Enjoy your award!

Have a great day, friends! And come back tomorrow. I'll be posting about my give-away for Finding Joy.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

Thank you so very much!! I feel blessed to have you give me this award especially because I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

I feel blessed, thank you very much!!

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. Thank you. I so appreciate you thinking of me. And to get such an award from a published writer at that! Thanks for all your prayers. I am feeling stronger every day. And I am always blessed by your blog!

Mrs. N. said...

Thank you my sweet friend!! Makes my day!!

Amanda said...

Talk about a God thing. I am pretty sure that my prideful and sinful heart could not have deserved an award LESS today... but here there was one anyway.

Thank you treasured sister in Christ! You have no idea the impact you make, how the words you share reach into parts of my soul that I never knew needed attention.

You are such a blessings!!!
(happy tears here)

God bless-

My ADHD Me said...

That is just SO nice! I'm speechless...HA.. NOT! I'm never speechless. Of course now people will come to my blog and of a house with a tree on it..funny.

The tree problem will pass and Monkey's Will Still Be Funny. (explanation of why Monkey's Are Funny is in my first post.)

Due to my lack of knowledge of ANYTHING regarding computers, my award will be proudly displayed as soon as I can get Chatty Kelly to do it for me.

"Thank you again. I'm touched, I'm honored, and I really do want world peace."

"You like me! You really like me!!"

annie said...

I'm so glad you were encouraged by others! I think that's the best part of the blog world.