Monday, September 01, 2008

She's a Quick One

Happy Monday, friends! Nothing spiritually profound today - just a cute story. If you need an encouraging word, please check out Friday's post.

So, I'm grocery shopping with my daughter last night and she wants to push the cart.
Elizabeth tells me she would rather walk beside me than behind me, so she doesn't accidentally run into me with the cart.
OK. So I move beside her.
But then I had to go get something and ended up in front of her again. And she ran into me.
Since I was wearing sandals, the cart did a number on my heel. Ouch!!!
I kept checking my heel and noticed, whenever I looked at it, Elizabeth got a very sorry look on her face. After I had looked at it a dozen or so times she said, "I'm really sorry." I just smiled and said, "That's OK, honey. You didn't mean to." (Pause) "Did you???" And we laughed.
After that I decided not to look at it anymore, because I could tell she was feeling bad. But then I was pretty sure I could feel blood trickling down the back of my heel and Elizabeth said, "Uh, Mom? You're bleeding. You need to wipe your heel."
I thanked her for telling me and started looking through my purse for a tissue, but found none. Elizabeth pointed out some paper towels hanging nearby and I tore off a piece. "Great," I said. "Now I just need to find a trash can. Do you see any?"
Sure enough, she saw one and said, "Over there!" I smiled at her and said, "Boy, I'm sure glad you're with me. What would I do without you?"
Without missing a beat, Elizabeth said, "Well, for one, you wouldn't have a bloody heel."

She's a quick one, I tell ya. She's quick.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

too funny... lol

Amanda said...

THis just happened to me today..with me almost crying in Menards and my 3 year old saying I'm sorry mom over and over again.

Kids are so darn cute.

And sometimes unaware of their own strength.

God bless! :)

Happyhome said...

Happy first day of school tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better by now.

Alisun said...

Oh I am sorry for your heel and I love your daughters quick wit way to funny. (My forest has the same quick wit too)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

That is so funny! What a great momma you are!!

kreed said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet :)