Friday, September 05, 2008

HE Gives Hope

Have you ever faced a situation that seemed overwhelming and you didn't know how to handle it, but then - all of a sudden - everywhere you looked there was someone who had been through the same thing? Since they had already been through it, they were able to encourage you that you would make it through, too. And then you found yourself actually feeling hopeful rather than despairing? When this happens to me, I have no choice but to thank God because I know it is Him sending those people my way. I know this because HE gives hope.
And HE has done it again.
It started last spring. Matthew was diagnosed with ADHD. (No surprise to me. He has had "focus issues" as long as I can remember.) I didn't know what to do. Behavior therapy? Drug therapy? Try changing his diet? The ADHD interfered with school performance, doing homework, chores, getting up in the morning and getting ready for bed. We needed to do something but I just didn't know what.
Matthew's doctor was helpful, but I still felt lost.
Then it seemed like every other mom I talked to had a child with ADHD. Some women I had known for a long time, but I just didn't know their child also had this diagnosis. I'm not kidding when I say it was like God was wrapping His arms around me as these women shared with me the path their family had chosen, and ensured me we would find a solution that works for our family, too.
We ended up choosing drug therapy, and I am happy to say it has been a very good thing. I never thought it possible that Matthew could be sweeter than he already was, but I'm telling you, he is!

Having said that, we still have struggles with Matthew's attention and focus and his ADHD has been weighing heavier on my mind in recent days. Yes, I have been swinging over toward hopelessness again.

But HE gives hope.

Are you familiar with the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? Well, last week when I was at the doctor's office I picked up an issue of Guideposts and read an article about Ty Pennington - they guy who does the home makeovers. Turns out he had ADHD as a kid and discovered that building things was a way he could hold his attention, and found he could accomplish a task and feel good about himself. Now look at what he's doing!
I definitely felt encouraged after reading that article.
Then, the kids started school this week and it happened again. I found a successful adult who has ADHD and is thriving. It's Joshua's teacher. She has told the kids she doesn't like to sit still so they'll be more active in their learning. Joshua absolutely loves her and is more than excited about having her as a teacher. And I? Am filled with hope once again.

As I was walking home from school the other morning (No bussing this year. So instead of walking .5 of a mile to the bus stop, we're walking .7 of a mile to the school. It's nice.) I was thinking about these two adults, and Matthew. God used Ty Pennington and Joshua's teacher to remind me that He didn't make a mistake when He created Matthew. God was not taking a nap or planning a vacation when it was time to form Matthew's brain. God created every fiber of that boy, and He did it perfectly.
I thought about the concerns I have had regarding Matthew's challenges and realized - God isn't concerned about them! God knows Matthew inside and out. He knows Matthew's needs. God knows his abilities. He knows how Matthew can shine and bring Him glory. God knew exactly what He was doing when He created my little boy, and God knows the plans He has for Matthew.
So, as I walked and prayed I also renewed my commitment to trust in the One who set this whole scene in motion. The One who knows so much more than I. The One who holds our lives together.
Because HE is God. And because HE gives hope.

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Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

I am with you,my dear!! wonderful post!! Love, Leigh

luvmy4sons said...

Thanks for your prayers regarding my healing from the accident and stopping by. I can feel so much of your feelings in this post with two of my 4 sons having ADHD and other learning issues. God does give hope. And we have to learn it is okay to step outside of the typical box....God bless you and your son both!

Mrs. Sidney said...

I find it amazing just when we need hope he reminds us he has it for us. I am glad your son was placed in a great learning environment this year. What a blessing.

MoziEsmé said...

Thank God for hope!

It's amazing how often I lose it even after seeing how He comes through every time. Thanks for the reminder to keep hanging on.

mtmommy said...

I am so encouraged by your blog... Thank you! I know I have never left a comment before...sorry! My name is Erika I am a SAHM of one beautiful 2yr. old little girl...
I just had to respond to your post today... As I started to read my eyes filled with tears because last summer I went through one of the hardest times in my life and was overwhelmed by the people the Lord brought into my life!!! As I continued to read.... I felt lead to share that I was diagnosed with ADD and my little brother ADHD as children... We have both done the drug therapy route (which I am the first to say this is over diagnosed but I was so thankful for the ritalin!!!), but both have moved on and control the ADD with diet, exercise and you learn many coping skills!!! Certain things you can and cannot do while studying, how to use check lists and slowing way down and thinking before telling a story so that it comes out in chronological order... Coping skills!!! This is turning into a long reply but I wanted you to know God is so good!!! I went onto to complete Grad school a few years ago and my brother is a very successful actor on Broadway!!! Anyway, I know you do not know me but I felt lead to share...
Thanks again for your truth and encouragement!!! Erika

annie said...

He really does give hope!

Sweet Mummy said...

Hope is something I'm learning a lot about these days. Thanks for sharing, and hoping that school is going well for you guys, too!

Wanda said...

Karen.....INCREDIBLE BLOG!!!!!
WOW! I just found you...and love it.
I'm married to an ADHD hubby and I'm a mom to 3 teens. My oldest, a son has ADD and my youngest, a daughter too. We have managed well on med's. My husband was not medicated until age 32. He was put on the Feingold a kid. Helpful...but not what he really needed.
We need to talk, girl. He did some outrageous things....knowing he was gonna get it! But just unable to stop himself. He too, grew up in a ministry home.

Your post today was great! Yes, God does hold us all together...and he never makes mistakes. He is so good to reveal to you....precious glimpses of hope. He is so amazing!

Karen said...

I am glad I popped by Karen. We had some struggles with our son when he was younger and wondered if it was ADHD. Man, it was such a hard time and we were judged and given a hard time, in Church and out of it. Anyway, God directed us to a wonderful Christian School and teachers who prayed with us etc. It changed us in the process. He has changed too, and is not ADHD, he has a few social struggles from time to time, but generally he is really no the up and it's big thanks to God. May God encourage and help you more and more Karen and speak through you as you share your heart too!

GingerMoore said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Both my daughter's have anxiety and it's been a real challenge discerning how to help them cope with life (like ADHD it affects their school, relationships, etc...). Thanks for the reminder of how they were created, by God, just for our family.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Thank God that He gives us the hope we need, when we need it. What would we be without it?

Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. The scripture you shared hit home- I love Isaiah!- and your challenge was timely. Thanks for the encouraging word!

Jessica said...

Well, I'm so glad you were able to find hope in this. And it's so true that God knows Matthew intimately. Everyone is created differently. Who knows what God has planned for him? Maybe it's a job/ministry someday where Matthew's unique perspectives and energy will come into play.
God Bless and praying you'll find the perfect balance for your family's life!

Chatty Kelly said...
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My ADHD Me said...

Hello. So nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed this post. I have gone back and forth about drug therapy for my little ADHD 12 year old. There is no doubt he has it...teachers and doctors have told me and I see it every day. I am still trying to help him drug free but I keep hearing wonderful things about children taking the meds so will probably try the them . It is a hard decision especially because I have ADHD too and take the highest dose allowed of the meds by the FDA. It helps but, as you can tell by my blog, most of the time my thoughts are still flying. ADHD CAN be a blessing. I think I make people smile and sometimes even laugh. Also, I try and do things that many people may want to but won't. (sometimes a blessing and sometimes not). My son definately has his issues (homework-ARG-bet you can relate) but his talents and imagination are incredible. He's also some kind of computer genious.
Oh yeah...I DO tend to ramble.
Have a great day and it was nice to meet you!

Chatty Kelly said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Mrs. Sidney's blog. You know who else has ADHD? Michael Phelps - Olympic swimmer & 8 gold medal winner. Hang in there!

My sister also has adhd, and writes a funny & sometimes crazy blog about living life with adhd. If you are ever in need of a laugh - you can visit her blog at:

She will give you a glipse into how hard it is for ADHD people to control their thought patterns, but in a funny way. She let's you know when she's getting ready to go on a "bunny trail" by typing MONKEYS ARE FUNNY. That's the name of her blog too.

Blessing to you as you head out on this journey. God has already shown you he is right there with you.

(deleted my previous typo-ed comment above, and fixed it here. Sorry!)

Julie said...

I have had the same experience, though different circumstances. When I was faced with a tremendous challenge in a circumstance Papa God brought just the right person to walk with me through it. She too had faced those same circumstances (different details of course). When she would say, "I understand"...I KNEW she truly did. It was a treasure to my heart and my journey. I don't know where I would have walked had it not been for her being placed in my life.

Thanks for sharing your heart.

Jessica said...

I just read your comment on Chatty Kelly's blog the other day about the kids sucking the life out of . . . ahem.
Wow, I'm with you there and thank you SO much for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Love how our Lord gets our attention yes? Glad He gave you some hope and peace back:)

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Karen, just wanted to let you know that I awarded you on my blog today! Happy Monday!

Valarie said...

Such a great post. My middle son also suffers from ADHD and coming from a medical background I truly wrestled with drug therapy LONG AND HARD, but the Lord was faithful to remind me that He created those meds. He gave men the means to do it. It comes from Him. So many of us get 'beaten down' for making this choice, but it works for my family as well and my Joshua has done EXCEPTIONALLY well with it!

Keep up the good work girl!

Mary Beth said...

I read that same article in the Chiropractor's office!

It was so inspiring and encouraging. I LOVE the name of his home store... ADHD... Art Design Home Decor!