Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I Do What I Do - OR - Proof That Jesus Lives

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I have to tell you, the comments you've been making about me being a great mom and deserving "Mother of the Year" awards, etc. make me do two things.
First, I laugh.
Then, I give praise to God.
I don't know how many of you caught Chatty Kelly's comment about being a mean mom, but she was referring to chapter one of my book, Confessions of an Irritable Mother, which is called, "The Meanest Mom in the World." That is the title which my children used to bestow upon me daily.
See, I am a broken woman. I am selfish, self-centered, impatient, demanding and controlling. (I could keep going, but I want you to come visit again!)
If I had it my way, I would never do anything for another human being - especially these kids who beg for things, leave messes around, get their clothes dirty and expect me to launder them, and eat all the ice cream before I have had a second scoop!
Hmph! I want them to serve ME. I want what I want, and there really doesn't need to be any discussion about it.
Not very pretty, is it? But that is my nature. Selfishness.

So, why on earth would I scout out grasshoppers with my son to feed to his praying mantis? Why would I touch those creepy little things and get bug guts on my hand? (Yeah, sometimes I catch them "too hard.") Why waste my time doing that when I have other, more "important" things I could be doing at home?
And why, someone tell me why, would I decide to get a puppy for my kids when, for years and years I have said, "No dogs!" Why would I willingly welcome a creature into my house who was going to poop and pee on my floor? MY FLOOR, causing me to have to clean it even more often? And what about the extra laundry? This puppy soils her bedding and causes me to do more laundry. Can anyone explain why a selfish woman would bring these things upon herself?

My friends, there is only One answer.

His name is Jesus.

I'm telling you - the fact that I go bug-catching with Joshua, the fact that I got a puppy for my kids Friday, the fact that I care so much about blogging friends whom I have never met, the fact that I ever do anything for anyone besides ME, is proof positive that Jesus lives!
Jesus is transforming this selfish, self-centered woman into His likeness. The Holy Spirit lives in me, and moves in me to do things I would not do - were it not for Him. God created me and is refining me, and one day I will be like Him.
I love the comments you have left for me on recent posts, because they remind me of the Truth that Jesus lives.
Apart from Him, no one could call me a "great mom."

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Edie said...

Getting squishy bug guts on your hands is a sure sign that Jesus lives in you. lol :)

Seriously you are so right. There are so many things I wouldn't do except for His prompting. That is more likely to be those little irritations rather than the big problems. Have a great week!

Chatty Kelly said...

Karen, you are so right. Without Jesus I could never be a great mom. But even with Jesus, sometimes I'm still an irritable mom! I guess I am still a work in progress. I can be all those things you listed, but again I'm working on it.

Glad I bought your book. I'm not to the end yet, but I'm guessing they live happily ever after. *grin* With a puppy.

Amanda said...

lol This was great Karen. I think your a great mom...for one main raeson that you so clearly pointed out.

You know Jesus. You teach about Jesus. You are obedient to Jesus.

That gives your kids more and makes them better people.

Good job mom!

Many blessings-

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Amen, sister! "His name is Jesus." I love it! Anything you see that is good all goes back to Him, in your life and mine too.

kreed said...

Grashopper guts are even more impressive than grasshopper spit - you go, girl!

I am catching up after a couple of days of missed blog reading, so I was super excited to see your puppy! She is precious and your kids look just thrilled. And I did lots of praying for patience when we were housebreaking - I talked to Jesus at least 5 times a day on that one for a while!

My ADHD Me said...

I must tell you that it is SO wonderful to know that I am not the only "mean, selfish, irritable" mom. If I only listen to my kids, I get the impression that I am the only mom in the entire universe that doesn't let her 12 year old have a cell phone and doesn't let her 17 year old stay out all night...just hanging out...with people I have never met... Maybe my kids were mistaken after all!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Loved this!!

ps- doing a bloggy giveaway this week! you might like it! =)

Mrs. Sidney said...


I love reading your blog for so many reasons. I think it is amazing to love Jesus so much and in the same paragraph describe yourself as selfish. I find myself encouraged by your struggles and admitions because I too am an irritable mom working towards becoming a woman of grace and purpose through him.

Keep up the good work!!

Melissa said...

I have no doubt that my number one purpose in having kids - well, other than raising Godly people who glorify Him - is to refine me. It kind of gets all the "me" out when you have to take care of someone else!

luvmy4sons said...

Isn't it wonderufl to know that Jesus gets all the credit. Humbling but so awesome to be used by Him and chagned through Him. So I will say-"Good job God...using this one in a great way! Look what kind of mom You have made her. Praise Your name!"

Becoming Me said...

And by knowing it is all from Him and because of Him...just makes it even better...knowing that we are loved so much that we get assistance with daily life.

My ADHD Me said...

Just wanted to thank you for sending out the book I ordered SO FAST!
AND, even a matching bookmark.

I really like that you put the reflection questions at the end of each chapter. It helps those poor souls whose minds tend to wander and so easily get off know the type...poor souls.