Friday, September 12, 2008

Really, Mom? She's Ours?? Really???

When Elizabeth got home from school today, I was sitting at the table with Mindy on my lap. I looked at her and just said, "Elizabeth, close your eyes."
I wanted to get up and show her the puppy, but she had already seen her. She said, "Momma, you have a puppy on your lap." Twice. And I said, "Yes. I do."
Then I told her we had this puppy on a Foster with Intent to Adopt basis, and if everything works out after one week she will be ours.
Elizabeth couldn't believe it. She kept asking me, "Really, Mom? Really?" I thought she was going to start crying, and there were a few tears ready to fall out of my eyes. It was a precious moment.
Here they are together for the first time:Then I went to get the boys at school. And couldn't keep the secret until we got home. Well, technically I didn't tell them we got a puppy. I just told them I had a surprise and they'd really like it. And when they guessed a dog, the smile on my face said everything my words didn't.
So we walked home very quickly.
And here the boys are, Matthew adoring Mindy, and Joshua placing a call to his buddy to announce the good news:Yep. Happy kids at the Hossink house today!
Have a great weekend.

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Deb said...

that is soooo sweet!! Hold on to those memories:) You guy's have a great weekend with your new puppy:) I am almost in tears, too sweet:)
God Bless.

Becoming Me said...

sooo precious

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That puppy is a sweetheart...almost makes me want to run out and get one. :) Elizabeth is just gorgeous. Love how happy it made her!

luvmy4sons said...

Too cute! It has to make your heart swell at how happy you made them!

Chatty Kelly said...

Who's a mean mom now?? (For those who haven't read your book, I'm quoting from it). I think you'd now receive the mommy of the year award from your kids, huh?

Love it! Hope you are having a great weekend with Mindy, and that house training is going well.

Amanda said...

VERY cute! You have given your children a wonderful gift. Pets teach responsibility, kindness, consideration, gentleness, and love for something other then self.

Plus, studies show people with pets live longer. Ok. So I made that up. But I have 3 dogs so I REALLY want it to be true. lol

Many blessings-

Stacey said...

Just too sweet! It's so cool that it was a surprise for your kids. That made it all the more special, I'm sure :) It sounds like you were a fantastic mom before this gift, but now, well, you're motherhood ratings are off the chart!!
Enjoy your new puppy!

Colored With Memories said...

Cute puppy, cute family!

I've seen you commenting on Jackie's blog from time to time and thought I'd stop by for a visit.

My mom's family is all still in MI...great blog!

Mrs. Sidney said...

I want a puppy!!

Edie said...

They look so cute all excited! And Mindy looks adorable on your daughter's lap like that. I sense some serious spoiling coming on. :D

Jessica said...

Sooooo Cute!

Alisun said...

They are all very happy to have each other I pray it all goes well with each of you animals bring such joy.

My ADHD Me said...

What a cute puppy!

I bet the kids will always remember to walk her, feed her, and clean up her accidents.
I bet they will even save up their allowance or do odd jobs to earn money just to help with vet bills and shots etc. My kids do.....(who is that woman that wrote that? Who are those kids she is talking about?). Yes, my kids do all of those things.