Friday, September 12, 2008

Look Who We Brought Home!

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OK, all set?

Remember I told you we decided to get a dog? Well, Brian and I went to the animal shelter this morning.
Along the way we talked about how we would decide on a dog, and my key thing was that it needed to be housebroken. Because I'm the one who is home all day, and I know those training responsibilities would fall on my shoulders. And I'm the one who softened up enough to say "Let's get a dog," after years of saying NO. I didn't want to have to potty train all over again!
So I was pretty set on getting a DOG, not a puppy.
But when we got there, oh, did all sense and reason fly out the door!
There was this one cage with two little puppies in it named Mork and Mindy. (The fact that I LOVED that show as a kid really helped!) They were Beagle mixes. (I had a Basset/Beagle mix when I was a little girl, too.)
And my heart went right to them.
Yes, for a moment I thought, maybe we should get both of them. They were so cute together and I couldn't bear the thought of separating them.

But sense and reason didn't fly THAT far out the door!

Anyway, we filled out the papers and brought this little girl home.
This is Mindy!She's cute and she's lovable and she's laying on my lap as I type this.
And I can't wait for the kids to get home from school. They have NO IDEA we were even thinking about getting a dog and they're going to go crazy. I am so excited!!!
*very big, ear-to-ear grin*

I will definitely post pictures!

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P.S. She has already "done her business" outside once. Here's to quick learning.


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! She's adorable!! My girls (and husband) have always wanted a puppy, but I need a couple more years to prepare myself for that:) I'm sure your kids will just flip when they come home! Have fun with your cute new family member!

km said...

Yeah...I get you on the not having to potty train again. I've always thought when my youngest was we have at least 2 years.

luvmy4sons said...

Well, your kids will give you "mom of the year" award! Please don't blame it on me though! LOL! I have to say that they are a lot of work, but like children the benefits and blessings far out weigh the other. I can't wait to see more pics and hear their reaction!

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

What an adorable puppy! My husband always says "We don't need pets, we have kids."

Thanks for your encouragment! Transition is stressful enough for an adult, trying to manage it in 2 toddlers can be downright nerve wrecking. I keep repeating "Love is patient, love is kind..." throughout the day everytime I feel like screaming. God will see us through, He's the only chance we've got at this point. :)

Thank you for your ministry! It is greatly appreciated! Your thoughts on how God wants to teach us something through our encounters with our children, not just use us to teach them has really changed the way I look at mothering!

Ok...enough from a missionary in Spain...

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to hear the kids reactions. How fun! And good luck with the training thing. =0

Kris said...

Mindy's adorable!!! Congratulations on your new family member!

FWIW, our big furbaby Jake (who is now a 100-pound ball of cute!) did his business outside once the day we got him home--he has been the easiest of our critters to housetrain! Here's hoping Mindy's an easy train!

annie said...

I'm so excited for you! I love surprising the kids1

Happyhome said...

Are they home yet???? Oh, how exciting. She is ADORABLE!!

Chatty Kelly said...

Our "puppy" is 1 yr old now. There is something wonderful about a dog. They are so easy. The just love you. They never fuss or complain about dinner. (although they do chew stuff up! Keep an eye on your shoes & toys!)

Congrats on Miss Mindy. She is a cutie and I know you'll just love her!

momteacherfriend said...

I bet the kids were ecstatic!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Oh she is adorable!!! I love the names too, that was my favorite show!

Have fun!!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Oh and I wanted to tell you...feel free to bring books to sell at the Praise and Coffee night!

Anonymous said...

OH, she is soooooo cute!!! What a great mom you are:)

Melissa said...

I've told Anna Marie that we can't have a dog (or another kid) because we rent such a small house with no fence around the backyard. So what does she wish for every time she's given a penny for a fountain? A bigger house so we can get both!

Oh, I bet your kids were so excited - I know I would be!

Edie said...

What a sweet little puppy. I love giving fun suprises too. I bet you had a terrible time not letting them know.

Alisun said...

Very good choice for one! She is soooo cute just look how thankful she is for you to give her nice home.
Yep Mom of the Year Award to Karen.
I am with Sue bring books!!