Friday, September 26, 2008

My Lost Rat - by Elizabeth Hossink

Do you remember when Elizabeth's rat got lost in our couch? I wrote about it in the form of a parable.(It's a pretty quick read. Click on over and read it. I think you'll find the subtle differences in our stories entertaining.)
Well, Elizabeth just had a writing assignment in school, and she chose to write about her lost rat, too. When she asked me to type it up for her she told me, "I think you'll like it, Mom." Can you tell why???

My Lost Rat

"Elizabeth, when can we start the movie?" Joshua asked impatiently.
"Hold on!" I hollered from downstairs. As I trudged up the stairs, rat cage in hand, I called, "Okay you can start the movie."
"Are your rats watching it too?" Mom asked.
"Yeah," I said casually. So I plopped down on the couch after setting the rats' cage on a side table. Because I loved my rats so much, I opened their cage door so that they could come join us on the couch.
After the movie was over Joshua sleepily said, "I am going to bed now."
"Okay." I responded. Now, Mom and I were the only ones awake.
After a little more time playing with my rats, I decided it was time for me to also go to bed. I got ready to gather up my rats, but they weren't both there. I only found Lacey. (My favorite of the two.) I put her in her cage, but I was still worried about Allison (my other rat).
Before panicking, I tore all of the cushions off of the couch. She wasn't there.
"Mom, I can't find Allison," I said trying to stay calm, but that was impossible for me. Unlike myself, Mom was a master at staying calm. "Okay, honey, did you check everywhere on the couch?"
"Yes," I half whined. Together we searched until we noticed a hole that Allison had chewed in the couch. Allison was on the inside of the couch and there was no possible way we could get her out. By that time my eyes were drowning in tears. (That happens a lot for me.)
"Jesus, help me find Allison," I whispered to myself.
Mom, being as brilliant as she is thought that we should try to get her from a different angle. Being ever so gentle, we turned the couch on its side.
The couch was in a position where it made a cave. I crawled under and waited to see her head. My face, soaked with tears, became even more wet when I saw Allison's head poke out. Except this time they were happy tears.
Allison was saved!

Oh, if I only felt as calm and brilliant as my daughter thinks I am! *grin*

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Sweet Mummy said...

Awww.... that is a sweet story (even though I KNOW it wasn't sweet to start with, at the time). You've now run the full extremes of motherhood - being the meanest mom in the world, as well as 'brilliant'. I LOVE IT! Tell you daughter that I thought she wrote this very well - I like the description and detail. Excellent!

luvmy4sons said...

You brilliantly mean mother, you! Her story was great!

Edie said...

Yay for Mom! Oh sweet that your daughter thinks you are brilliant. How wonderful that she whispered a prayer to Jesus. How is it she left out the Cheerio part?

Now about your son...
"My 10-year-old just looked at me and said, "OK, Mom. We all think you're a total freak now!"" LOL
Maybe you should let him read his sister's report on her Brilliant Mom! :D

annie said...

Wow! calm, brilliant and the mother of a wonderful daughter too!

Stacey said...

It has to make your heart soar to hear your daughter speak so highly of you! How very sweet! It seems the talent for writing might be hereditary....she is quite the storyteller!

3 boys club said...

How encouraging for those of us still in the Mean Old Mom stage. My middle child who's almost four tore off on his bike yesterday, when past the first, don't pass zone, to the end of the street and passed the stop sign without stopping. After telling him he couldn't ride his bike for the rest of the day he said "I'm not gonna be your son anymore!"

Your daughter is growing up to be a very mature young lady. That's quite a badge you can wear of being her role model.


Anonymous said...

You are a very special mom. There is no way........we would have a pet RAT... i'M SO GLAD GOD NEVER ASKED THAT OF ME. I think they would just have to shoot me. I will do anything for my kids and grandkids . But to look for a rat is more than i could handle

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

She sounds like a writer in the making to me!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

What a sweet and precious story!! I loved this, it brought a smile to my face today!!

Jessica said...

Master of being calm? High praise indeed.
What a great daughter! Do I see a career in writing????

Amanda said...

You must have talent just coursing through your genes!!!

I am enamoured with your little girl. And the great perspectives you both share!!!

Many blessings-

Chatty Kelly said...

First you catch you have pet rats. You should be on the show Fear Factor. You'd surely win! If I had a rat loose in my couch, I'd move. *wink*

What wonderful praise from your daughter, and how great to pray in all situations.

Glad you found your rat. How could you have slept that night if you didn't.

My ADHD Me said...

Ah, another confession of an irritable mother!

JanMary said...

Wonderfully told - even if it was about a rat (sorry - but yeuugghhh! I just can't cope with them!)