Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beauty in Cancun

Yes, there was an awful lot of beauty in Cancun. These pictures testify to it!

But, for me the most beautiful thing in Cancun wasn't anything I could see with my eyes. I saw it with my heart and I'll tell you about it after you enjoy these pics.

Lovely, no? And this picture of Brian and I captures pretty well the way I was feeling throughout our entire vacation. Ahhhh, loving it!

Now, for the best part. Cancun was beautiful because God made Himself so obvious to me.
Each morning we were there Brian had meetings to attend, so I used that time to work on a talk I am preparing for an Advent Breakfast next month. The theme for this Breakfast is Rejoicing in God's Timing and I will be speaking from Luke 2.
On November 5 as I was preparing my talk, I considered the fact that Jesus needed to be born in Bethlehem to fulfill the prophecy about Him. But I didn't know where that prophecy was written in the Old Testament. That evening I asked Brian about it, he told me where he thought it was, and I determined to find it the next day.
Soooo, the next day before I began working on my talk again I was having my quiet time. I am into the New Testament now in my read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year program and the reading for November 6 was John 7-8. And do you know what it says in John 7:42? "Does not the Scripture say that the Christ will come from David’s family and from Bethlehem, the town where David lived?" And the superscript letter in my Bible referred me to Micah 5:2, the Old Testament reference.
Can you believe it? Back on January 15 when I began this reading program, when I chose to read chronologically - rather than historically, or from beginning to end - God knew that on November 6 I would need to find that Old Testament reference. And He made it so.
Someone could try to tell me it was all a coincidence, but I know it wasn't. I know God timed that out just perfectly for me.
He didn't need to do it. I could have found Micah 5:2. But I am convinced God was working in the details of my timing to bolster my confidence as I bring the message of rejoicing in His timing to the women at this Advent Breakfast. And believe me - I was rejoicing in His timing that whole day!

If you are going to be near Marion, Ohio on December 6, consider yourself invited to this Advent Breakfast. It will be at Cornerstone Alliance Church. Tickets are $10 each and you can call them to make your reservation. I would love to see you there!

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Mrs. Sidney said...

Isn't his timing amazing.. :-)!!

My ADHD Me said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!
Also, you and your husband are a fantastic looking both look so happy!

luvmy4sons said...

Your encouraging story of God's faithfulness actually overcame the jealousy I felt over the Cancun pictures! LOL! Great story!

Edie said...

Beautiful pictures Karen!

I SO Loved the way God revealed His timing to you. His way really is Perfect. Ps 18:30.

Sandy said...

Hi Karen, just checking in to say hi. Sounds like a lovely trip w/your hubby!

km said...

What beautiful creation! It's so amazing to worship our Creator in new places. And HIS timing is amazing.

Rebekah said...

I couldn't resist visiting your blog because the name of it really got my attention! :)
I look forward to coming back for another visit.
Blessings from one surviving mom to another! :)

kreed said...

What a great looking couple!

Amanda said...

Wish I could come and see you!!!! I love the pictures and the joy on your face!
Stop by my blog ifyou get a second... I got a nice surprise for you.

God bless-

Cindy said...

So glad that you had a wonderful trip with your hubby. The pictures are gorgeous. I would like to be someplace warm and beautiful right about now!

Don't you just love how God reveals Himself. His timing is perfect.