Friday, November 21, 2008

Praise & Coffee Report

The Praise & Coffee Night last night was lots of fun. But I got home really late (Forgot I was training at 6:00 this morning. UGH! And Ashley didn't even have pity on me when I told her I had only slept 6 hours. *pouty face*) so I'm tired today.
AND, I forgot to take my camera last night.
But, Sue and Jennifer have come to my rescue by posting their own pictures. Thanks, girls!
So, if you want to see the fun we had, click on over and check it out.

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luvmy4sons said...

Those trainers...always all buisness...glad all went well.

Edie said...

Sorry for the lack of sleep but so glad you had fun!

Jessica said...

OH man! When I was in high school I went six hours all the time. Now... it's misery. LOL And I'm only 25.

Bring on the coffee!
Actually, it's kind of late. I hope you're sleeping now. :-)

Anonymous said...

So happy you had a great turn out, Sue said 55 women!! Fantastic!!
the pictures are great! I hope to be at one someday:) Blessings. . .

Chatty Kelly said...

I missed it - but glad it was great.

Amanda said...

ohhhhhhhh, I was so jealous looking at those great pictures. If only they had that by me... or maybe even just a YOU by me! lol

Very neat!@

God bless-