Saturday, November 01, 2008

Don't Touch Her Candy!

Just a quick laugh for you today...

First, you need to understand - my daughter has a very, very sweet tooth. Candy is a BIG deal to her. Hence, she has been looking forward to last night's trick-or-treating festivities and was thrilled by the loot she brought home.
This afternoon, Mindy managed to make her way downstairs to Elizabeth's bedroom, and she got into the candy. When I went down to check it out I was surprised by the mess I saw. Elizabeth proceeded to give me an inventory of each sugary item which our dear puppy had destroyed. Then she looked me in the eye and said, with all seriousness, "Mom, if there is a place that good little dogs go when they die, (pause) I don't think Mindy is going there."

Yep. Mess with Elizabeth's candy and you're doomed!

Whew, I'm sure glad there were some extra pieces left over from what I handed out, so I don't need to ask Elizabeth for some of her stash! *grin*

Enjoy your weekend.

*****Edited to add:
As far as we know, Mindy only chewed on one Milk Dud. She seemed to be on a search and destroy mission, rather than a search and consume. So, I think the only "sick" one is Elizabeth. Sick that she lost so much candy.



luvmy4sons said...

Oooh. I hope you don't end up with vomit or diarrhea! I have a Lab...they are HORRIBLE for eating ANYTHING that doesn't move! LOL!

Edie said...

I just hope that puppy didn't get hold of any chocolate! It is poison to pups.

Glad you have your own candy stash too! LOL

Mrs. Sidney said...

That is pure comedy!! I was that way with everything as a little girl, my brother would come in my room and move things around a little and I would know he had been there... my desk at work is the same way... it can be annoying to those around

Chatty Kelly said...

Poor pup will undoubtedly be sick over this, and darling daughter too! For different reasons. Hope everyone gets over.

I thought all dogs went to heaven? (Isn't that a movie?)

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for your concerns for Mindy (and my clean up!). We don't think she ate any candy, just chewed it.
Is that like saying, "I didn't inhale?" LOL
Anyway - she seems fine.

Jessica said...

As a fellow sweet-toother, I so feel for Elizabeth. I'll never forget how upset my little sister was when our cat ate her chocolate bunny on Easter.
Poor Elizabeth. :-(

Happyhome said...

Oh, that made me chuckle. That's a girl after my own heart. I don't care who you are - you don't mess with my candy!

Amanda said...

Oh man! What a bummer! You should let your child know, even though my kids got a bag of candy at the carnival we went too... they didn't get ONE SINGLE PIECE of it! (I think I had one or two...)

Many blessings!

JanMary said...


Have not visited in ages, hope all well with you and yours.

Christy said...

I came via Amanda and really am completely enjoying my time reading here! Your daughter sounds fabulous! LOL

Off to read more!

God Bless