Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jesus and the Rollercoaster

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luvmy4sons said...

Have a great time in Cancun. Yes, benig a mother is quite the roller coaster ride. And just when you think you are sure of all the twists and turns, the ride has been revamped and the hills are higher and the falls are steeper. But we must keep our eyes on Jesus as He DOES ride with us. Thanks for the encouraging message. I pray you have a wonderful relaxing time.

Edie said...

Great words of encouragement Karen. Honestly this made me think about how we put Him through the same things. Singing His praises and thanking Him for what He does one minute then angry at Him the next. We want our children to love and obey us because of who we are, in the same way that our God wants us to love and obey Him for who He is.

Have a great time "having fun" in Cancun and be safe!

Jessica said...

Wonderful words, and so true!
Have fun in Cancun getting your tan! LOL

and btw, I loved the head gestures. Very funny!

Kathy Aprile said...

Thank you for sharing this message with us moms! It blessed my heart!
Kathy A. in TN

Amanda said...

Great thoughts Karen. I will hold on to hope!

It has been raining here. For days. I bet its sunny in Cancun! Stinker. Be well and get some rays!

God bless-

Mrs. Sidney said...

I couldn't watch this the other day and now it all makes sense.. I needed this message today, right now... thank you.