Monday, November 10, 2008

Can I Get a Witness?

Sometimes God makes Himself so blatantly obvious, I cannot help but know He's acting on my behalf. And He did it again today.

I came home from the glorious weather I experienced in Cancun to...snow! Not a lot, but - still.
I don't think I'm going to be maintaining this tan.
*pouty face*
Anyway, it's getting c-c-c-cold around here, and today I realized I ought to make sure the kids are equipped for winter weather. As I was running down the list in my mind of all the things I thought I was going to need to buy, the potential price tag was beginning to overwhelm me. Boots, coats, gloves, hats. Oh, and snow pants! For all three of them.
But before we went to the store, I had the kids try on last year's gear to see if anything still fits. And I went through various closets to see if there were any items I had tucked away for "someday."

This is what I discovered:

Elizabeth's boots still fit.
Which is a good thing, since I don't think she ever wore them last year. She's at that age where she doesn't think it's necessary to wear boots. I can't really fault her - I remember going through that stage, too. But I cannot, in good conscience, not have boots for her. You know, in case she ever decides she ought to wear them.
Anyway, I didn't need to buy boots for her.
In the front closet I found snow pants for everyone. And I found Elizabeth's hat and gloves from last year, which will still work this year.
I already knew her coat still fits - so Elizabeth is good to go.

Joshua and I went through his closet and found a coat which fits him. And in the pockets were gloves! At the end of last winter I bought two hats from a store that was going out of business, so I knew Joshua's hat situation was set. Next, I found boots in another closet that friends from church had given us a while ago - which were really big then, but fit Joshua this year.
Another one, ready for winter.

Then it was Matthew's turn.
He's still wearing last year's coat, but in my search with Joshua I came across another coat which will fit Matthew this year, too. It's nice to have an extra! The second hat I bought last year was for him, so that was good. And I discovered a pair of gloves I had purchased with the hats - which I had forgotten about - and they fit Matthew this year.
But last year's boots are too small.

So my "Need to Buy For the Kids This Year" list came down to one pair of boots.
That's it!
Just one pair of boots!
It was as if every time I turned around and looked in a closet or on a shelf, or had one of my children try on an article of clothing, God was saying to me, Don't worry, darling. I've got you covered. I am going to take care of all your needs. Just trust Me, dear one. I can handle this.
After I had completed my "list" I came out to the kids and celebrated with them this very obvious expression of God's provision for us. He reminded me that I do not need to worry about what to wear, or what to eat, or what to drink. (See Matthew 6:25-34) He's got me covered!

OK, I need to get the kids going on bedtime, but God delighted me so much today with this display of His faithfulness I just had to take a moment and share it with you.

In the next day or two I hope to post the rest of my Cancun pictures and share another way God delighted my heart while I was there.

Now, can I get a witness?

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Mrs. Sidney said...

That is awesome!!

luvmy4sons said...

God is good all the time! That is great...Hmmmm I wonder how my closet is doing in this area?

Chatty Kelly said...

I couldn't help buy smile as I read your post. We haven't had any snow here (a "real" snow) in years. I am hopig this might be the year. But we've never owned snow pants, and we don't give much worry to the season.

So glad God meets our needs! Amen!

Teresa said...

Hearing God delight one of His children is one of my MOST favorite things in the world!!
I am so glad you shared this story!

God has so delighted me this fall with one of the most colorful falls ever!


Cindy said...

God is so good! He delights in delighting us.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Edie said...

Delighting with you Karen! God is SO Good, and SO Faithful, and SO Loving!! Thanks so much for sharing this. Glad you're home safe and sound.

Jessica said...

Well, I have three boys. :-) Lots of clothes to pass down, though shoes are starting to wear out.

It's pretty awesome how God takes care of us, and cool that you noticed. I think sometimes we take things for granted and don't see the little miracles he provides every day.

I'm glad you had fun on your trip! Enjoy the snow. Florida is still fairly warm. No snow for us. :-(

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Karen, I just love this...God is up there, smiling and saying, "I've got you covered!" Good reminder for me not stress and worry when things get tight...He takes care of even the little things.

Edie said...

Hi Karen! I have something for you. Please stop by my blog when you get a chance. :D

Melissa said...

I went through a similar experience when my daughter was about a year old. We'd both lost our jobs within three days of each other, and had decided (or had GOD decided?) to relocated cross-country to where I was from. At that age they're growing out of everything like crazy, but money was tight. And somehow, every time she needed something, it was there - we were blessed with many hand-me-downs, and there always seemed to be something she needed, just at the right moment. Praise God!