Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey, West Michigan Girls!

Do you know Sue from Praise and Coffee? She has started a new thing called Praise and Coffee Nights - a chance for the Girls to get together and share time praising God and testifying to the things He is doing in our lives.
The very first Praise and Coffee Night took place last week on the east side of Michigan and it sounds like it was great.
This Thursday there is another one being held from 7-9 pm at the Plainwell Coffee Mill in Plainwell, and I get to go to this one! The first hour or so is going to be a time of casual fellowship. (i.e. talking, laughing and drinking coffee...Yeah, except for those of us who don't drink coffee. I'm trusting they'll have some good hot chocolate!) Then Sue and I are both going to have a few minutes to speak.
I am looking forward to this evening together - to encouraging other moms, to seeing Sue again, and to meeting new friends. If you're in West Michigan, I hope you'll come!

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Praise and Coffee said...

Can't wait to see everyone!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great idea.

Wish it was a bit closer to Ireland!!!

I am with you on the hot chocolate too!

luvmy4sons said...

Have a good time in that state up north! LOL! I am sure you will be blessed and a blessing!

Praise and Coffee said...

Just got an RSVP for 20 more ladies...I'll be calling the banquet room on the second floor, pray for favor :)

Unknown said...

I love Coffee! I love Jesus! I love fellowship!! Alas, I am not even close to Michigan - So I'll just be there in spirit.

Order me a mocha latte, 16 oz, non-fat milk. Thanks!

Edie said...

Sounds like a great time Karen. Enjoy!