Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bless My Heart

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday. We were pretty low-key around here. Brian took the kids to do some work with him so I could make my weekly menu and grocery list in peace and quiet. And our small group came over for dinner. Nothing fancy, and I liked it that way.

The highlight of my day wasn't fancy either. It was a simple card my daughter made for me, and it absolutely blessed my heart. She wrote:

I am so glad that you are my mom. I think you do a good job of mothering. You cook great meals, you keep the house clean, and most importantly, you try to help us grow toward Christ. I love you!

I thought it was nice that Elizabeth recognized my efforts at cooking and maintaining the house, but it was her understanding of my desire to point my children toward Jesus that really blessed me. With every passing day He becomes more precious to me, as I increasingly recognize my need for Him, and His amazing grace. And I just want my children to know Him, too.

Oh, that I may fully and effectively share my Savior with my children!

May His grace be real and evident in your life today.

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My ADHD Me said...

That is so sweet. I always love the cards that the kids make. They are a lot more observant than we sometimes realize.

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had a sweet day!
I'll be back later to catch up on your other posts.

luvmy4sons said...

A mother could receive no higher praise! What a blessing that card must have been to you! So glad you had a good day!

My ADHD Me said...

Just for you (ok, and for me too, and for all the other closet Barry Manilow fans), next Tuesday I am going to try to find a good one.

If only I remember anything at all about it after I finish this comment! lol

Jessica Nelson said...

That is such a wonderful note. :-) So what did the boys write? I need to know what to look forward to since I've only got guys here. LOL

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing from your daughter!! Just read your latest newsletter...LOVED IT!! NEEDED IT!!

Have a wonderful day, my friend & may His blessings continue to pour over you!!

p.s. I voted for you! ;)

Patricia in nyc

Ronel said...

That is awesome!! I hope I can be that light for my son, too.

Unknown said...

What a sweet card! My kids made homemade cards for me too, and they are the best.

On Purpose said...

Oh girl this is a card that out "pays" any paycheck that could ever be given! Praising God for you as a mom...and a for a daughter who see Jesus in her!

Love to you!

LisaShaw said...