Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Birthday for Me, A Gift for You!

Happy Birthday to me!
As promised, I am going to give away a few books because I want to clean off my nightstand have you share in my special day, too!
Seriously, I have three books to give away today that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and am sure you will love, too.
They are:
*Bookends, by Liz Curtiss Higgs
*One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning (two in one!), by Karen Kingsbury
*Redemption, by Karen Kingsbury

Each of these books was given to me by someone special. Yes, I am totally re-gifting. But, hey! It's my party, I'll re-gift if I want to, re-gift if I want to!

This one was a Christmas present from my mother-in-law. (Who happens to be the best m-i-l this side of the Mississippi.) I almost completely ignored my family for a day or two, because I just couldn't put the book down!

This one (It really is one book, but I couldn't find the "one book" image...) was gift from a friend I've known since junior high. No particuar reason for the gift. She was just being nice. *grin* Found it hard to put this one down, too. And I just heard there's a third book in this series. Hmmm...

And this one came from a MOPS mom at my church. I was the MOPPETS worker in her son's class and established a sweet relationship with him over the year. She brought me this book as a Thank You gift. Another great read!
Now they've gone and moved to Texas and I don't get to see my little buddy anymore. *sniff*

OK. Have I sufficiently made these books sound special?
If you would like to win one of them just leave me a comment telling me so. Wishing me a happy birthday and telling me you love me will, in no way, increase your odds of winning. But it will make me smile. *grin*
I'm going to close comments and draw the winner right around 10 o'clock tonight. Make sure you either leave your email address or have it attached to your profile so I can contact you if I draw your name.

Now, go and have a wonderful day.

Much love,

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful, lovely day. :-)
Karen Kingsbury is okay to me, but I really love Liz Curtis Higgs. She had a book that just cracked me up!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday, Karen from the soggy south. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day. I'd be happy with any of these books, as I have not read anything from either of these authors.


jtkpatch said...

Oh Dear Karen Have a great Birthday today! It is the day God has made! It should make you smile and we are all very thankful for your life and impact you are leaving us moms! Happy Birthday Dear online friend!

On Purpose said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Enjoy the day that God blessed the world with Your beautiful presence!!

I am thanking Him and praising Him that He placed you here in these times to make the world a better place!

I love you my friend!

ps...my only regrets...we aren't meeting in person and eating some birthday cake together!!

Anonymous said...

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad & REJOICE!!"

Happy Birthday, Karen!!
Celebrating with you & thanking the Lord for the wonderful, encouraging work you do! ENJOY your day!!

Patricia nyc

LisaShaw said...

Hey you beautiful, special, sweet sister -- Happy Birthday!!!

Just came by to give you some love.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Poppin' in to say Happy Birthday dear Karen!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I like your blog and try to follow it. If I should win, just give it to Caleb's & Abby's mom. (Amber)

Edie said...

Hey look at that, I'm not late! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! Cleaning off your nightstand is a great way to spend your birthday. *grin*

Seriously I hope you have a Wonderful B-day!

Anonymous said...

Hpoe you are enjoying your birthday :-) I have not read a good book in a long while. Would love the chance. Thanks! judsonshawna@bellsouth.net

Heidi said...

Great looking books! My email address is listed on my blog.

O Mom said...

Have a happy and blessed birthday.

Heidi said...

I already left a comment on this post, but I have to come back and share something with you.

I came to your blog through my friend Amanda's blog, but after a little looking around I realized that I already *knew* you. In fact, you spoke at my MOPS group in MN in 2008 (you may remember your flight was late and you were completely rushed).

Not only did you speak at my group, your message had a profound impact on a journey I wasn't talking about much at the time. So much so, that after sharing my story with our MOPS coordinator, I was asked to give my own MOPS talk last year.

Anyways, I won't rewrite it all here, but if you visit this page on my blog


and read through, you will find the impact you had on page 4 (I know its a lot of reading, but I don't think you will get it unless you read the whole story!)

Anyways, read it if you want (or not) but I just wanted to share it with you.


Ronel Sidney said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Karen, Happy Birthday to you!!

Just realized today that you share your birthday with my DH and that must be the reason I like you :0)!!

Glad we have been able to become friends and I wish you the very best on your special day!!

Love, Ronel

Ronel Sidney said...

oops... of course I would love to win a book!!


d8t8k said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! I found you from I Am Mommy blog and I really like the posts I've read so far. Have a happy day.
From one Karen to another.

2Thinks said...

Oh my gosh, it's 10:03 pm and I may be too late. But I just love you ever so much and love your blog ever so much and wish you an ever so happy birthday. I really do. Even if it is too late.

This is the most Heidi's I've ever seen in one comment hall. Wow! I always knew more dogs named Heidi than people, but look at this.

Heidi@ 2 Thinks to Share

2Thinks said...

Oh, I see the first two Heidi's are the same Heidi. Alrighty.

heartreflections said...

Count me in, if I'm not too late! Have a great b-day girlfriend... or good sleep, at least!

Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just saw that it was your birthday on facebook a couple days ago... so I know my post was going to 'land' on your special day and thought that that was just great!! I do hope you have a love filled day!!

Isn't that re-connect with Heidi amazing??!?!