Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week's WORD

Folly is bound up in the heart of a child,
but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.

Proverbs 22:15

I am loving my time in Proverbs, and so appreciate the wisdom in this verse. Children are childish and folly is bound up in them. But as we discipline them and teach them what is right, folly will be driven away.
Father in heaven, please help us to remember that our children are children. Give us the grace we need to put up with their folly.
And fill us with wisdom and understanding as we seek to raise these little ones to become men and women who reflect You and have not a trace of folly left in their hearts.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you back here Monday!

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My ADHD Me said...

And Lord, please forgive the folly of those of us who are no longer children by man's standards but always children of yours.

LisaShaw said...


I'm praying for you and your speaking event. Love you.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Did Anton contact you and ask you to "talk" to me about remembering that kids are kids and will do some mind-boggling things?



Ronel Sidney said...

I really wish I would have read this earlier this morning because I was struggling this morning... very difficult morning in the Sidney house and it was picture day to boot!!

Thank you for the reminder!!

Love you,

Susan Berlien (warmchocmilk) said...

Thank you! I needed that,...there's a lot of folly going on around here.

Together We Save said...

Thanks for the reminder!!

~Grace and Peace said...

That is a great reminder as we enter into the weekend. Sometimes I forget that my son is still a child and I expect him to act like an adult.

Have a blessed (and restful) weekend everyone!

On Purpose said...

More often than not...the folly I see in my children can be seen in me just in an adult version...I thank God and praise Him for the amazing blessing of two little boys who have truly taught this momma what grace and unconditional love is all about!

Leah said...

I fear that I find folly all too often in my own heart!! Help me, Lord, to recognize it and do away with it.


luvmy4sons said...

Got to love Proverbs. Hope your weekend has been good!

Edie said...

Oh my goodness, have you been spying on me when the girls are here? :) I guess we're all in the same boat. It's a little bit comforting to know that. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to make these girls hate me. Thanks for posting this.

Much love to you!!

Jessica said...

Yep! LOL