Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Did I Get So Good???

It is not uncommon around here at bedtime for me to have to remind Matthew many times to stay on task.

Who am I kidding? That happens all the time - not just bedtime!

I have become accustomed to the sounds of him not staying on task. It usually sounds like gun-fire with a bit of spittle for special effects. And I call from whatever room I'm in, "Matthew, put the gun away and get your pajamas on."

Well, the other night I was walking past the bathroom - where Matthew was supposed to be brushing his teeth - and everything was strangely quiet. The door was cracked open ever so slightly, and provided me with just enough space to see that my little man was spending his time combing his hair in various directions.
I cleared my throat and said, "Matthew, stop messing around and brush your teeth."
There was no change in his actions.
So I said, "Matthew, put the comb down and start brushing your teeth."
And he responded, "Wow, Mom! How did you get so good?"
I don't think he realized the door was cracked open.
And I'll never tell. I'll just let him think I'm that good!



LisaShaw said...

That's so cute. I experienced a few of those over the years of parenting when they were young. I didn't tell either. :)

Love and hugs.

Amanda said...

lol Well... you ARE good!!


luvmy4sons said...

LOL! Big LOL! I am the same way with all three of my remaining boys at home. Two with ADHD and one with ADD! Eyes in the back of our heads, yes? Love it! Blessings!

Susan Berlien (warmchocmilk) said...

Love it! Weston has looked through my hair for the eyes that I joked were on the back of my head....he thinks they really might be there. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol!!! Adorable anecdote!! And as a teacher I can totally appreciate it!! ;)
Patricia nyc

~Grace and Peace said...

Hi, I just found you from Larie's blog. I have two sons (one just left for college and a 9 y.o.) and yes, they both thought I had eyes on the back of my head, too!

Heidi said...

Too funny..with my oldest its jumping off his bunkbed instead of climbing down the ladder. He can't seem to figure out that I can HEAR him even if I'm not in the room.

Daveda said...

LOL, yep! Just leave em' guessing!

Edie said...

LOL! That's funny. I won't tell either. We moms and grandmoms have to stick together on this one. :D