Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's on Your Mind '09?

It's time for another edition of What's on Your Mind '09?. Many thanks to Shane for planning this weekly activity!
According to Shane, the last Tuesday of the month is going to be set aside for our own photographs and creative writing.
This one had me stumped for a while. I am not much of a photographer. In fact, for some time I was on a bit of a picture-taking strike. I was soooo far behind on my scrapbooking that I simply stopped taking photographs.

Yes, I can go a little overboard when I get overwhelmed. Surprising. I know!

But, alas, I found a picture from days gone by to share with you today!
This picture was taken seven and a half years ago. We thought it would be cute to get a picture of the kids praying, had it all posed and ready to go, and at the last minute Matthew peeked.
Personally, I think his gesture makes the picture more precious. *grin*
Ahhh, how I long for my children to grow up with a passion for prayer. It is my prayer that my children will know deep in their hearts that God hears us when we pray, that He is powerful to act, and that He wants us to come to Him with our praise, our thanksgiving, our confession, our needs. Our everything.
Yes, Lord, please give my children spirits which long to commune with You always!

And as I am writing about prayer today - as I am sharing what's on my mind - I also want to bring one of my prayer needs to you. I have a small group of women who have been supporting me in prayer for several years. Each month I send an email to them with my speaking engagements for that month and specific prayer requests for my speaking and writing. And as God leads them, these women pray for me and the women to whom I speak.
Would you be willing to be on this prayer team, too? I cannot do anything apart from the power of God and it is my earnest desire to be covered in prayer every time I go out in His Name. If you want to join me in this venture, please email me (Karen@IrritableMother.com) and I will add you to my team.
Thank you, thank you!

May the joy of the Lord fill your soul today.

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luvmy4sons said...

What an adorable picture. And Amen to your hearts cry for your children. It is mine as well for my sons! Blessings sweet sister. Any time there is a pressing need feel free to let me know and I will join the prayer warriors!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

That is cute with him peeking. It reminds me of the scene in our house at bedtime. All three kids are lined up at the bed with the ladder down, (Eyanna sleeps on the top and Cailem on the bottom!), then of course as soon as whomever begins to pray, Jaslyn pops up and wanders around the room!


Anonymous said...

I will pray for your life Karen and your family. I read your blog and get a glimpse of your inner soul and how dear you are to our Saviour!

Ronel Sidney said...

Great picture... never thought of getting a picture of Noodle praying but I think I just might tonight.

I would love to join your prayer team!!

Love, Ronel

Amanda said...

I'd be happy to be on Team Karen!!

LOVE that picture of the kiddies!!


Anonymous said...


Jerralea said...

I love that picture! You're right, Matthew peeking up at you makes the picture even better.

I, too, "long for my children to grow up with a passion for prayer" I'm thinking that in order for that to happen, they have to see US passionate for prayer ...

3 boys club said...

I have a picture like this of my three boys sitting on the couch praying over the operation shoe boxes that we sent out for christmas. At the last moment my youngest, Ethan, 1 at the time, peeked up. Too precious!