Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Faraway Heart?

I hope this week God has been speaking to your heart - leading you in ways of examination and encouraging you with the notion that He can change your heart.
Today I want to share one more way that God was speaking to me about my heart last week.
It was on Saturday, when I spent the day alone with Him. I took a book along with me - Come Along, by Jane Rubietta - and chose to read chapter 9, Come Along to the Plains: Illuminations on a Clean Heart. Since my heart seemed to have been His focus for the previous several days, I figured that would be a good chapter. Had no idea how intimately He would speak!
At the end of each chapter Jane has a wonderful set of exercises and questions to help the reader come along to draw near to Jesus, and it was in going through those questions that God swooped in and spoke to me.
I was led to consider what Jane called the "faraway heart." And I wrote this in my journal:

At what point, Jesus, would You say of me, "You honor me with your lips, but your heart is far away from Me"?
Is it when I say I want all the glory from my speaking and writing to go to You???
Oh, Lord! I do want the glory to be Yours. But I confess that my "self" likes to know that I've been used. And as much as I know the work is Yours, and I am simply the instrument, Father - that much and more, I struggle with the sin of pride. I think - somehow - that I have done a good work. But I have not. Anything good that comes from me comes from You - first!
Father, I do want the glory to go to You. I do!
But I struggle with pride.
I do.
I don't want my heart to be far away, Lord. I need Your help. I need Your strength to fight this flesh. I need to be covered by Your grace.
Forgive me, Lord, for my pride. Forgive me for thinking I am something. I am not. Lord, You are everything.
You are my everything.
Let my lips praise You and my heart be near to You.
Father, please do for me what I cannot do for myself.
Lord, Jesus, change my heart, O God!

What a wonderful time of heart-cleansing that was Saturday.
My first reaction to the notion that I might have a faraway heart was, No way! I love God. My heart is not far from Him!
But He pressed on me to ask that question: At what point, Jesus, would You say of me, "You honor me with your lips, but your heart is far away from Me"? And when you ask God to reveal uncleanness of your heart - believe me - He'll do it.
So my invitation for you today? Will you create some space for yourself and God, and will you ask Him that question, too? Then listen. Let Him probe and reveal, and be prepared to be drawn closer to the heart of God as He cleanses yours.

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Jessica said...

Oh man, that's such a hard verse. It really resonates because I don't want to have a heart far from God either. But I really don't want to be like the Pharisees, honoring him with my lips only.
Thank you! Today I'll be thinking about this.

Daveda said...

Yes, a heart changer He is. This is a great post I can relate to. inglest

My ADHD Me said...

"You are nothing?" Sorry but I disagree. Yes, God is everything. but you are His creation. I don't think He would like you thinking that His work is a nothing. You are helping others see God. He is proud of you. I know He is because if he isn't, then I can't think of many people that He could be proud of.

I like to think that when God formed us, he sat back and said something like, "Cool, this one is even better than the last. Hhmmm, what gift or gifts shall I give her/him?"

Your gifts (at least the ones you share with us) seem to be being put to very good use. Be proud of your accomplishments. I'm sure God is. As long as you remember who gave you the gift in the first place, recognize that, thank Him for that then it is ok to be pleased with your work. (isn't that a little bit like being proud?)

Don't get me wrong, Not proud and hauty (sp?). just pleased and an inner peace knowing YOU ARE making a difference (thanks to God of course).

Hope this made sense. *grin*

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Well, I understand the conflict between saying that what we do is for God, yet wanting to know that we have been used.

You are brave to admit this much needed self assesment for others to be encouraged!


Ronel Sidney said...

I have been going through a bit of a transformation of the heart recently and I like this question and will bring it to Him tonight... I will be sure to see how He speaks to me.

Thanks for sharing what He showed you!!


LauraLee Shaw said...

This is rich and meaningful. Thanks for sharing your worshipful experience.

Anonymous said...

I am asking this question of the Lord TONIGHT!!! I need this now more than ever. THANK YOU!!

Patricia nyc

Edie said...

My heart echos your prayer just substituting "speaking" with "all my stuff".

Love you!

Ok - my word verification is patho. That's a little upsetting. :)