Monday, April 05, 2010

Can You Trust ME NOW???



Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen. No Tears today. I am trusting in Him today and yes some days are very hard.

Amanda said...

Pretty powerful Karen... I hate to admit it, but I have been/am the same place with my son as you are/were with your son. This was MUCH needed!


Patricia said...

Wow...a very powerful & deep devotion today...I am going through some similar issues & my worries are the very same as yours!!

I am trusting with you, my friend!! We CAN do this (although it is very, very hard sometimes!)

Karen Hossink said...

Pat - No tears? I'll try harder next time! *grin*

Amanda - I'm glad God timed this for you today. He knows what we need!

Patricia - Yes, it is hard. BUT, God is good. And we can trust Him!

gianna said...

This was a sobering devotional. Sometimes I want to believe SO much that everything ends up with a cherry on top. But that isn't always the case. And even when there is no cherry, God is still good. God is good all the time and we can trust Him. But mostly I strive for that cherry. I gotta stop working for the cherry and just look to YHWH!

Edie said...

I love your videos Karen.

He is the LORD of Hosts. I will be posting on that later today or tomorrow. It's applicable. :)

This made me wish I was sitting with you talking over a cup of coffee. Yes He can be trusted even if they don't turn out the way we want. He also gives friends who have been there that have good listening ears if you ever need them. :)

Love you my friend.

Karen Hossink said...

Gianna - This was a difficult devotion for me to record. I don't even know how many "takes" it took. But I kept at it until it seemed God and I were in agreement. And 'sober' seemed to be the goal.
I agree. The cherry is often what we're hoping for. But sometimes God works through the pits!

Edie - I would love to sit with you and talk over a cup of coffee!


But if I was sitting with you and talking? I would be willing to have the smell of coffee wafting up to my nose. *grin*

Edie said...

LOL!!! I'll buy you your beverage of choice. :D

Karen Hossink said...

Promise? *grin*

luvmy4sons said...

I so appreciate your honesty. This video is all about where I am often with ALL of the three remaining teens in my life right now. I too often hear God telling me to keep quiet when I would have thought I should speak not hold onto resentment when they act so ungracious and unthankful...I know I too was a selfish teen. And then God will show me just how vulnerable they are..and they will show forth some kindness or some tenderness...and I hear: Can you trust them with Me to finish the good work I began? Can you love them when they are unlovable as I stood silent while men spit on me?

Great post. So important to be honest. And sometimes we do not "like" our children. But God can enable us to love them always. Love your heart sister. Thanks again for your transparency.

Karen Hossink said...

Leslie - Thanks for your insights. It is often hard to remember 'I was like that, too.'
I battle with the 'They're going to be fine' mindset, and the 'But what if they aren't' thoughts. And then I hear God asking me, Karen, will you just trust Me?
What was it you were just saying in your post today? Something about having the mind of Christ, and 'what I want to do, I do not do...' Yeah. *sigh*

Angie Muresan said...

Karen, I am not looking forward to my kids going through their teens. I know I will be a mess, and will need to remind myself daily to trust in the Lord. A beautiful message from you, dear friend.

Karen Hossink said...

Angie - Whether they're young, or not, we can't do this mothering thing alone! We need to trust Him every step of the way.