Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reflecting on God's Faithfulness

Today I am on my way to Florida. Will be speaking for a MOPS group in Bradenton tonight. And I am so looking forward to it!
But besides giving me the joy of sharing hope with other moms, this trip is also giving me the opportunity to reflect on God's faithfulness. You see, Jill - the coordinator of the MOPS group for whom I am speaking tonight - was the first person who ever invited me to speak outside of Michigan.
Three years ago she was the coordinator for a different MOPS group, in a different part of Florida, and through God's handiwork she found me. Also through His handiwork, the way was made for me to fly to Florida to speak. And I remember being on that airplane and praying, God, is this a new thing You're doing? Are You going to start taking me to farther places to speak?
Honestly, my initial 'plan' was nothing more than to share my story with the MOPS group at my home church.

But God had something else in mind.

And now, as I prepare to see Jill again, and as I reflect on all God has done between that first trip to Florida and today - I simply must give Him praise. God has been so faithful! He led me where I did not know I was going. He has perfect plans, and He will carry them out.

My friend, the same is true for you. Although you may have no idea the road down which God will take you, though you may not understand the plans He has for you, and even if you don't think you have what it takes to carry out His purposes - please be assured: God is perfectly faithful. He will lead you. He will make the way clear. God will do what is necessary to accomplish in and through you exactly what He wants to do. You can trust Him!

Will you?



Warren Baldwin said...

Good example of being open to the leading of God and willing to be used by him. God has a will for all of us, and we can do great things for him if we are humble to follow. Good post and great encouragement.

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a good word, Karen!! Lots of us need that encouragement.

I pray for safety as you go, the Holy Spirit's presence as you speak and good health for you and your family.

God bless you, Karen.


luvmy4sons said...

What a wonderfully faithful God He is and it is encouraging to remember His faithfulness! Safe traveling. I know you will bless many and in the process be greatly blessed!

gianna said...

Have fun in Florida! I know that you will be a blessing to so many moms. I am excited for you! It's so cool that you let God direct your path. I know it's hard to trust him, but he is so faithful!

Mary said...

I love looking back and seeing God's hand and plan in my life - so happy for you and praying for you as you minister.

xxx M.

On Purpose said...

Thank you Karen for this encouragement and reminder to trust! Trust Him, for He knows what He is doing!

Florida MOPs is blessed to hear you and be with you in person today. Praying and knowing God will use you to bring His love and grace to them!


O Mom said...

so needed this right now.
I love how you are reflecting back on the beginning and bringing it all back to what the Lord did! Blessing to you and the women you'll be speaking with!

Patricia/NYC said...

Love this encouraging reminder, Karen! Have a great trip & lots of God filled moments!!


LauraLee Shaw said...

The Lord has been showing me the same thing as I go step by step, and not an inch further, with Him leading the way. I hope you have a wonderful trip and that the Lord accomplishes incredible things in and through you!

Angie Muresan said...

I believe that you are a blessing in the lives of women nationwide, Karen. God speaks through you what it is we need to hear.