Monday, April 26, 2010

The Parable of the Muffin



Patricia/NYC said...

Ahhhh...Karen!! I love how you see His handiwork in everyday life & can so eloquently relate it back to all of us!!

This morning, as I was waiting on line in $tarbuck$, I was reading some emails & the following sentence jumped out at me: "God equips those He calls" & it gave me such comfort (reagarding this journey called parnethood!) yet, my immediate thought was,"But WHY don't I feel like I have every thing I need? I want to be fully equipped right now!" ;)

THEN...I come home, turn my computer on & there YOU are with the rest of what I needed to hear today!! He is quite the creative messenger, isn't He? lol!!

THANK YOU, my friend & have a wonderful day!!

2Thinks said...

You're so good at this vlogging thing.

Always a pleasure.

km said...

OK some warfare keeping me from hearing what God wants me to hear through you today. First my google reader stops loading the video 1/2 way, then when I click through to your blog...the video isn't there. I've got one more shot. I can go to my youtube account and look for you there. Seriously...must be some powerful stuff.

gianna said...

Oh,how I want to be in control of everything. If God would only let ME decide what I need when I need it, I always THINK that I would feel so much better. But how awful would that be for me (let alone for my family and the rest of the world)? It's so hard to understand that.
Right now, Chris and I are in a time of transition. With Omri being born and me not wanting to work a lot and him wanting a better paying job, etc we are in a huge time of waiting and trusting in God. After Maya was born, I couldn't find the courage to trust God in that transition. After Brin was born, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make things work for us. After Dane was born, there really wasn't a question of me going to work. I needed that control to make sure the finances were taken care of. But now after Omri, I feel so much peace at not knowing what we are going to do. I'm not saying that I have arrived because I am forever needing to grow, but right now the peace I am experiencing is refreshing.
Thank you, Jesus!

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - Love, love, LOVE how HE speaks! Just the amount you needed, as you needed it. *grin*

Heidi - Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words.

KM - Did you get it yet??? I'm going to email you a direct link, in case that helps. Praying God will speak to you through this today!

Gianna - The peace is refreshing. Yes! And I am so glad you're experiencing it.
Love you!

Edie said...

Thank you again.
Love you!

Angie Muresan said...

What a powerful message this is, Karen. Trusting in receiving what I need today. Beautiful, but this trusting part is so hard. So hard.

Irritable Mother said...

Angie - I fully agree. Trusting can be so hard!
But God has always shown Himself faithful to me. Always.
To me, trusting is the only thing that really makes sense.
(Just wish I could see how things are going to work out...But then it wouldn't be 'trust' anymore, would it?)