Friday, November 18, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Some people don't want to hear.

I wish it wasn't the case. But it seems to be.
There is a man at Edgewood, about whom I've written before, who doesn't have long to live. This past week he learned he has kidney failure, and he has decided not to do anything about it.

Our nurse told me people with kidney failure typically live one to three months.

My mind went back to the Resident of the Week interview I did with H. I don't remember the question I asked him, but he started telling me that he never really went to church as a kid. That his family wasn't "religious". Then he said, "I don't know why I'm telling you this."

I trust it was God, planting a seed in me.

A couple days ago H called the office, and I was the one to answer the phone. He just needed help getting a drink out of his refrigerator, so I went up to his apartment. And I trusted this was an opportunity placed in my lap by God, Himself. After I got H his drink, I sat down by his chair. He asked if I had heard 'the news' about his kidneys. We talked about it a bit and then I asked permission to ask him a question. He is a delightful man, and agreed immediately. So I brought up the interview we'd done and asked about his belief in God.
H was very clear that "religion" was not part of his up-bringing and therefore has no real meaning to him. He simply was never taught to value spiritual things. In H's mind, religion is a comforter for people, and he said he just never needed the comfort. Besides, he said, he doesn't like the idea that a person should have to choose between heaven and hell. He isn't worried. He knows he's a 'good guy' and is very comfortable with facing death.

And that was the gist of our conversation. H was as kind and polite as ever. He acknowledged my faith, and seems to respect it, but thinks he doesn't need it.
Even so, he happily agreed to have me pray for him - which I did right there. I prayed then, as I continue to pray now, that God would reveal Himself to H. God knows his heart and He loves H. I know He does! And I am praying God will soften his heart in these final days, that H might be willing to listen.
Because it breaks my heart - as I know it breaks HIS - that some people don't want to hear.



TheUnSoccerMom said...

I live w/ an H. And it breaks my heart. And what he doesn't understand is how much better OUR lives would be if he would just listen to that voice that I KNOW speaks to him.

Praying for H and for my H and for you. I pray God gives you more chances to witness to him. :o)

Leah Adams said...

I pray God would soften H's heart before it is too late. I ask Jesus to give you more opportunities to witness to H and that He would have ears to hear. Oh please, Jesus!!!

Karen Hossink said...

Jodi - I'm praying for both of our H's, too.

Leah - Thank you, friend!

Edie said...

I'm praying for H with you friend. Yes it breaks my heart too.

Karen Hossink said...

Edie - Thanks for praying!