Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes. That's It!

He's brilliant!

And eloquent.

Wish I could have come with it that easily!

Do you hear the sarcasm dripping from those statements?
Last week Joshua and I were arguing over chores. He was upset about having to do work when he had other things he'd rather be doing.
I can so relate!
And my ability to relate so well moved me to turn the tables. I began to complain about making dinner every night when I would rather be doing other things. And Joshua came back at me with, "But that's expected."
I knew what Joshua meant. I'm the mom and it's simply a given that I make dinner.

That's when I realized my son's brilliance. He'd said it perfectly. Just as it's expected - because I'm the mom - that I will make dinner every night, so it is expected - because Joshua is a member of our family - that he will do chores.

Yes. That's it!

Funny thing is, Joshua didn't seem as impressed with my logic as I was.

Go figure! *wink*



TheUnSoccerMom said...

been there before! ha! They never like it when we use their own logic against them. But it's oh so much fun. ;o)

km said...

Yes. That's the logic we use. Maybe a sports analogy would be "his" logic. If the catcher decided he didn't want to do his job...the team would really suffer. The same as the right fielder. Hmmm. and Jesus even used this...we are all different parts of one body. In many ways a family functions like the body of Christ. We all have our jobs. It is so much better when everyone gets it though.

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - Yeah! *wink*

KM - I'm thinking I'll need to come up with a fishing analogy. Wonder what I could try? LOL

gianna said...

oh, great! As they get older, it doesn't get easier? NOOOOOOO!

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - Easier? Nope. Sorry!
It doesn't get easier, just different. We moms gotta stay on our toes! (And always relying on the grace of God.)