Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HE Does Brake Work

OK. Seriously. Why do crazy things happen to me when I have speaking engagements?

Saturday I was driving up to Gaylord. I was going to spend the night with my mom and dad, and then speak for a group of high school senior girls and their moms on Sunday.
I was kinda drowsy so, about 45 minutes into my trip, I decided to stop to get a caffinated beverage.
As I moved into the deceleration lane and began to apply my brakes, I was shocked to discover they were hardly there! With my foot pressed all the way to the floor, the van did come to a stop at the light. I pulled into the McDonald's parking lot and heard a terribly loud squeaking noise coming from the back of the van. (I'd had the radio on for the entire trip, so I had no idea if it had been making that noise the whole way.) Because I wasn't sure I'd be able to stop predictably in the drive-thru - and because the squeaking noise was so embarrasing - I parked the van and went inside to get my drink.
After I came back out I called Brian to get his input on my plan of action. Do I keep driving to Gaylord, hope for the best, and maybe get new brakes before I return home? (On a Sunday. Yeah. That'll happen!) Do I drive back to Okemos and take Brian's car, leaving him to deal with the van for the weekend? OR, Do I stay put and have someone come fix the van in Ithaca?

We decided on the second option.

So I started the van and cautiosly made my way back onto the highway. And I prayed, LORD, please keep me safe on this journey!
I'd driven for nearly half an hour when I had to get onto a different highway. Realizing I needed to be give myself plenty of time to slow down, I applied my brakes a little early. I was shocked again. This time I felt the brakes. In fact, they were quite strong. I pressed them again to make sure I wasn't imagining things, and there they were - as good as new. So it seemed.
When Brian met me with his car, I immediately said to him, "You've got to believe me. My brakes really weren't working!...And now they seem to be." *blush*
We agreed that he should take the van anyway. Just in case. And with that, I was on my way back up north.

Saturday night I texted Brian to let him know I'd made it safely to Gaylord. And this was his response: "Yea! No problems w/the van...but im sure it was acting up for u. Really."
I felt so silly. Though I thought he probably believed me, it just seemed crazy. How could the brakes be working fine one moment, give out the next, and then go right back to working again? *Whatever!*

When I got home Sunday, Brian chided me, "The brakes have been working fine all weekend." And when I drove to and from work Monday, they were still great.
But you've got to believe me. They really did give out on Saturday afternoon! I know, none of it makes sense. I can't understand it, myself. And the whole thing has led me to only one explanation.

HE does brake work.
I mean, I'd asked Him to keep me safe on the journey. What better way for a Father to do that, than to give his daughter new brakes??? *wink*



Leah Adams said...

Another possibility: HE might have been protecting you from something up ahead that you would experience had you not gone back??

Love how He cares for us!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I'm with Leah! I try to make myself remember that when I don't get started on a trip on MY timeline, it's my Father protecting me. I've seen it more times than not. Being 10min late and coming up on an accident once we get on the road. Or hearing a funny noise, pulling over, then getting back on the road to come across an accident just a minute or two down the road. Or just being late and never seeing anything later on, which just lets me know there's something out there He's protecting me from and I just can't see it.

So happy you made your journey safely!! :o)

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Oh, how many times has God done that for me? Way more than I know, I'm sure!
I love His care for us, too. :o)

Jodi - Yep. I've seen those things, too. Whatever the reason for my episode Saturday, I trust my Father was taking care of me.

BASSakward Tales said...

i love it....He took great care of me last year when i was so sick ....if i have not told you the miracle that was performed on my life...let me turned my head ya....

gianna said...

AUGH! and YEA!
All at the same time! How frustrating and scary and how awesome for God's hand in the details of your life.

Karen Hossink said...

Ginny - I haven't heard your story. Do tell!

Gianna - Yes. I am eternally grateful for God's hand in the details of my life.