Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Telling of HIS Wonders

Did you watch my video devotion yesterday?
I'm hoping you have been thinking about the wonders God has done in and around you. Noticing His hand and good works. Brimming with excitement to declare them!
Because the thing I want to do here for the next two days is to join with you in declaring the wonders He has done. In preparation for Thanksgiving Day, let us give thanks to our great God!

I'll go first. *wink*

I know I have shared with you before the struggles I have with Matthew - trying to get him to do homework, or stay focused, or anything like that. Well, he has a book report coming up and since the last one was an utter failure, we decided to take a new approach this time. The two of us sat down together and made a schedule in his planner. We agreed on dates when he would complete each task, and wrote them down...And the wonder is ~ Matthew is sticking to them! He is reading his book without me telling him to. He is paying attention to the schedule and following it.

Some of you may not see the wonder in this event. But, believe me, this behavior of Matthew's is nothing short of a miracle. And I am truly, truly thankful.

All silliness aside, I see in this cirumstance: hope. Beautiful HOPE.
Though I often get discouraged by Matthew's ADHD and impulsivity, God encourages me every time I see Matthew reading. I am reminded that nothing is too difficult for HIM. My confidence is renewed that God has good plans for my son; that even his craziness can be used for good. And I trust God to make it happen.

HIS works are wonderful. I know that full well!

OK. Your turn. Tell me one of the wonders God has done in your life!



TheUnSoccerMom said...

I know what a miracle that can be and I'm SO stoked for Matthew and YOU! :o)

God has done many wonders for me, more than I could ever name. And right now I'm in the "waiting" period for the next one. I'm praying though and I know He will shine through the situation. :o)

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - Yes. He will! And I am joining you in prayer and trust.