Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Didn't Rake All the Leaves

We have three very big maple trees in our yard. And another one right on the edge.
And right now almost all of the leaves have fallen off of them.
Sunday I decided it would be a good idea to get started raking the leaves, so I called Matthew out to help me. We raked leaves onto a tarp and I dragged them to the middle of some big pine trees in our yard and dumped 'em there.
But we didn't rake all the leaves. It was such a huge task! No way we could have raked them all in one day. But it sure did feel good to make a dent in the project.

When I got home from work Monday I called Joshua out to help me rake more leaves. It took him a while to come outside. I got three loads done before he came out to help. *grr* He did finally come out, though, and we raked lots!
But we didn't rake all the leaves. It was still a big task. No way we could finish it all then. But I was glad to get more of the job completed.

Raking the leaves a (pretty big) bit at a time seemed to be the way to go. Honestly, it is so overwhelming to look at the whole yard covered with leaves and to think about raking it all up at once. But when we break it down to smaller sections and tackle one at a time, it just isn't as scary. And the kids don't complain as much when they're working for 30 minutes as they do when it takes a few hours.

So, as of Monday night I figured a couple more episodes of not-raking-all-the-leaves would finish the job for the season. Yet as I sit here typing, I am looking outside at the leaves blowing all over. More specifically, I am watching my neighbor's leaves blowing into my yard. And on the other side of the yard is a tall fence, so rather than continuing on into my other neighbor's yard, they're all stopping right there. *Very funny, GOD!*

Oh, well. At least there's a huge pile trapped in the middle of the pine trees which we won't have to rake again. *wink*



Alene said...

You are raking leaves and we are still pulling weeds down here. Autumn leaves sound fun from a far. :)

Karen Hossink said...

You're welcome to come up close, Alene. Though I assure you, it isn't as fun up close. *wink*