Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Living Thankful

My friend Leah is being intentional about thankfulness. Living Thankful for 30 Days. I love that idea, so today I am linking up with her and focusing on being thankful, too.
It's kind of funny because yesterday - just moments before I read about Leah's thankful journey - I experienced the blessing of being thankful.
I had become very frustrated in the process of getting Matthew up and out the door. Pokey, pokey, pokey. How a person can move so slow and become so distracted, I will NEVER understand! But he made it to the bus stop on time and as I sat down to eat my breakfast I thanked God for that little miracle. I thanked Him for the quiet house and the moment of peace when I could be still. I thanked Him for His faithfulness and goodness to me. I found myself thanking Him for more things which kept coming to my mind. And then I realized something.
I was no longer irritated and full of frustration.
And I think that is the blessing of being thankful. As we focus on God's faithfulness to us; as we look for the things in our lives which are good; as we bless God's heart by giving thanks to Him, HE blesses us by changing ours.
I used to think it was rather hypocritical to try being thankful in the middle of frustration, but now I see things differently. God is good whether my circumstances are making me happy, or not. And when I give thanks, God - in His goodness - changes me.
Indeed, Living Thankful is the way to go!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Ahhh, yes, we should be thankful in ALL things, shouldn't we? So often I forget to be thankful for the little things. That is what Living Thankful is all about. Glad you are joining me. Would love to have your readers link up as well!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

AMEN! When we focus on being Thankful and Giving Thanks, God will open our eyes to even more blessings and our heart will feel the gratitude even more. Such a great circle!

OH! I really want you to read this post of mine. I think you'll enjoy the music! :o)

Patricia/NYC said...

Have you read Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts"? It has changed my life into a life of gratitude...there is one paragraph that is always with me:

"Feel thanks and it is absolutely impossible to feel angry. We can only experience one emotion at a time. And we get to choose- which emotion do we want to feel?"
-A. Voskamp, "One Thousand Gifts"(p. 136) out a life of thanksgiving is definitely the way to go! :)

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - And I am so glad you're doing this thing. It is good to be reminded about being intentional with thanksgiving!

Jodi - A great circle, to be sure!
I'll be over to read that post in a minute. :o)

Patricia - I have not read that book, but I've heard you mention it several times. Her point about choosing which emotion we want to feel is a good one!

Alene said...

So good to see you here girl. I always enjoy your posts. Love your stories of life. Blessings.