Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Call Me 'Cabbie'

"Mom, I need to go to the store to get something for my project."

"Mom, can you pick me up from practice today?"

"Mom, we're ready to go to the skating rink. Can you take us now?"

"Mom, we want to go to the movies. Will you take us?...And pick us up?"

Honestly, some days I feel like my van should be yellow and have a sign on the roof which says, TAXI.
Between my taxi-driver moments I play barber and chef, tutor and stock-boy, among other things. And sometimes I wonder, What's the point?
I sat one morning praying for my children, telling God my desire to be their cheerleader, counselor, confidant, and companion. I didn't understand how the hum-drum tasks were going to get me there.
But in the stillness of the moment, God helped me to understand.

Those five and ten and fifteen minute stints in the van, going from here to there - when there are no distractions; the twenty minute haircuts, when I have their undivided attention - because they want to make sure I don't mess up; the countless hours time spent nagging helping with homework, when they hang on my every word for their love of learning - haha...just making sure you're paying attention; those moments when I'm with my kids doing things I don't necessarily consider "life-changing" - those are the moments in which I can grow as their cheerleader, counselor, confidant and companion.
They're growing up.
They don't need me like they used to.
But they still need me for some things, and I am realizing those moments can be just as formative as the ones when my children needed me for everything.

So the next time they summon the taxi, I'll look forward to a nice conversation. Even if it is only for five minutes.



Anonymous said...

Karen-I love this! So sweet and so true! We can treat all those mundane/routine moments as special moments by the effort or meaning we put in to it. Time is always precious,isn't it? Unfortunately as I have said before, all the worldly stuff drowns out,the truly important things. So I had to tell you to listen to this song if you get a chance, You're gonna miss this by Trace Adkins (you can pull it up on you tube). I heard it in the car while doing errands with the kids today. It is country music, so Im not sure if you are a fan of that style of music, but the message behind the song is really beautiful. I think all Mom's can appreciate the message in this song. eeeks, sorry this is a long message for your blog page.***chera

Irritable Mother said...

Chera - I'm glad you liked this post. :)
I will look for that song.
So, uh, are you a country music fan? I mean, this is important information. Because it could affect our friendship. *wink* Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

ummmmmm.....i think it was country...well, maybe not...ummm, he he (j/k).....yes I listen to country music every once in a while. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, but I do like it from time to time. It is neat to hear stories in music, it is just unfortunate that alot of mainstream music whether country, rock, alternative, tend to be sad stories. But there are some good ones in the mix. If you get a chance to hear that song, I would love to hear what you thought. Okay, back to getting the house ready for the big party. ***chera

Irritable Mother said...

Chera - haha!
I did listen to it. And I liked it. Still not a country music fan, but I liked the song. ;-)
Have you ever heard Mark Schulz? His songs have amazing stories and are FILLED with hope!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad you got a chance to listen to the song, I think it has a great message. Isn't Mark Schulz a Christian music artist? I think I have heard him on klove(local christian music station out here). I will definitely pull some of his songs up on the internet for a listen. So you are not a cowgirl at all huh...he he.....I think I'm a bit of a want-a-be, because I love horse's. I wish I had a farm with land and a horse, that would be fabulous. And I might even listen to a little bit of country now and then....he he...***chera

Irritable Mother said...

Chera - I imagine you've heard Mark Schulz on klove. Great artist!
Well, I like horses, too. I just don't care for the music. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I did get to look up Mark Schultz on you tube, and I'm familiar with some of his songs, since I have heard him before. I'm just terrible with remembering a lot of musician's/singers names. I do like his songs though, very encouraging. He has a really nice mellow sound to his voice. **hugs**chera