Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Not Mean Anymore

(But I guess I'm not as smart as I used to be, either.)

There was a time when Joshua called me the Meanest Mom in the World. All.the.time. It wasn't my intention to be mean, but he reminded me consistently - I was mean.
It occurred to me recently, however, he hasn't given me that title in quite a while. In fact, I can't remember the last time he said anything remotely close to it!
Made me smile to think about how I've grown.

I'm not mean anymore.

But just as I was about to pat myself on the back for being not mean (I'm not sure I can go so far as to call myself 'nice' yet. *wink*) I realized something.

It used to be Joshua called me the Meanest Mom in the World when I was disciplining him, or when I wasn't giving him what he wanted. Basically, when he didn't like what I was doing or saying. And while he doesn't say I'm mean anymore, it seems there is another problem.
Now when I say or do things he doesn't like, Joshua tends to say, "That's stupid!" And I have noticed Matthew is quick to follow suit. Only, he usually says, "That's so dumb!"
So, before I was able to pat myself on the back for being not mean, I realized it might be true that I am not smart anymore, either.

And I'm wondering, is that an improvement???




Anonymous said...

oh my! I thihk it is a way for them to try to regain their power as you tell them they can or can't do something (well that is what I have experienced with my kids). Well, Karen, I for one- know - you aren't mean and definitely not stupid!!! In the kid's thought processes though, this could mean an 'improvement,' he he. Unfortunately I relate to you, I have aldready been told the following by my children-"I don't love you (this one hurts even though I know he doesn't mean it, my four year old said this for the first time yesterday when he was in a mood), I don't want you, it isn't fair,and you are going to time out (I always have to keep from laughing about this last one, my daughter thinks she can discipline me when I'm disciplining her...he he). I hear you!***chera

Geer Family said...

Made me smile...thx :)

Irritable Mother said...

Chera - And in those moments we need to hear what they don't know how to say. I don't like what you're doing right now. I really want to have my own way. But you're the mom and I know I am supposed to obey you, but I don't want to! *grrrr* I am so frustrated and the only way I know how to express my feelings is to say something to hurt you. 'Tho I say the words, you need to know I will ALWAYS love you. And one day I'll understand and be thankful for these things you're doing right now.
Holding on for 'someday'.

Mrs. Geer - You're welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

Karen, you are absolutely right, thanks for the reminder!***chera

angela said...

How could you be the meanest mom in the whole world??? My 4 yer old makes me feel like the meanest mom all the time... Parenting is HARD!!! UGH.

Irritable Mother said...

Angela - It is not for the faint of heart. That's for sure! *wink*