Friday, May 25, 2012

Lessons From the Edge

God has the freedom and authority to change my plans.

It's Thursday as I write this entry.
Thursday is my day off at Edgewood. It is the day when I usually do most of my blogging. I write my Lessons From the Edge post, record my Monday devotion and write as much of the next Tuesday-Thursday as possible.
Because, who knows when I'll have a good chunk of uninterrupted time outside of my Thursdays???

So, anyway, as per usual I was planning to do my weekly blogging today. But as I sat having my quiet time a little while ago, I specifically said to God - I will do whatever You want me to do today. It wasn't too long after I made that statement when I remembered there are currently two Edgewood residents at the rehab facility near my house. And I have had it in my heart to go and visit them. And here I am - with time to do it today. Except that I "need" to get my blogging done!
Yes, it was right about there in my thinking when God reminded me what I'd just said to Him.

I will do whatever You want me to do today.

So, dear friends, here's the deal:
I'm going to take a nice walk over to that rehab facility now. And I am going to spend time visiting with D and B. I want to encourage them and pray for them and remind them how much our God loves them.
But that means I won't have time to do my blogging for next week. So, I'm calling it a blog-break. Because, God has the freedom and authority to change my plans.

Provided my plans don't change next Thursday, I'll be back here Friday with another Lesson.
I pray you have a fabulous week, enjoying the presence of God!



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the awesome example of God at work in your life!!! ***chera

Karen Hossink said...

Chera - I'm glad we can share life together here! :)

Anonymous said...

metoo!! ;)***chera

Anonymous said...

ooops, me too!!***chera (i just had to correct my spacing)

The Laundress said...

Everytime I visit here I'm inspired.

Thank you.


Leah Adams said...

God has somethings planned for your blog break, I will just bet. Hope you have had agreat weekend.

Karen Hossink said...

Janet - Thank you. :)

Leah - HIS plans are always good. I'm looking forward to it.