Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Yeah. That was Me.

Last Thursday I was sitting at the table eating my breakfast when Joshua asked if I would please drive him to school.
Normally, I don't drive the kids to school unless they ask me about it the night before. 1) Because I want them to be responsible for getting themselves ready on time, and 2) because I need to plan that extra time into my schedule so I'm not late to work, myself.
But Thursday was my day off, and I must have been in a good mood, because I told Joshua I would drive him to school. Granted, I was sitting there in my pajamas and bathrobe, but I didn't care. Who was I going to see while I was in the van driving to school, anyway? So when the time came, I grabbed my purse, put on my slippers and said, "OK, Joshua. Let's go!"

As we were backing out of the driveway I looked at the dashboard and my heart sank. The yellow light reminded me, I was dreadfully low on gas. For just a second I thought about telling Joshua I couldn't drive him to school. But then I realized the bus had already come, and I couldn't change my answer now.
So I drove on wondering, Am I going to have enough gas to make it to school, back home, then back out to the gas station later today? Seriously, I was that low.
So I did what I thought was the wisest thing to do. After I dropped Joshua off at school, I kept right on going to the gas station.
At 7:45 in the morning.
On a very busy road.
With lots of people driving by. (Presumably, all showered and dressed.)

So, if you were driving by the Speedway on Grand River Avenue Thursday morning and you saw a crazy woman pumping gas, wearing her bathrobe and slippers, and you wondered, What in the world?
Uh, yeah. That was me.

And now you know why. *wink*



Steph said...

I wonder how many people grabbed their cell phones to snap a picture ;)

Ang said...

You're just keepin' it real! <3

Patricia/NYC said...

Hey, you did the most important thing, driving Joshua...

You better check YouTube, though! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh too funny! Good thing you noticed the gas light on, it could have been worse and you could have been stuck on the side of the road from running out of gas. Better safe then sorry huh! Plus I'm sure you gave some people a good morning giggle. Maybe started a new fashion trend...he he..j/k---chera

Irritable Mother said...

Steph - Oh, you're hilarious. I hadn't considered that option!

Ang - Yep. That's me, too. *wink*

Patricia - IF there's anything on YouTube, I think I'd rather not know it. haha!

Chera - Honestly, I was really hoping I wouldn't get stuck on the side of the road without gas while I was in my pj's and bathrobe. I was praying, Please get me to the gas station, God!
Yeah, at least someone probably got a giggle from my moment. ;-)

Geer Family said...

Love it!

Irritable Mother said...

Mrs. Geer - I can laugh at it now, too. *wink*