Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fall Women's Conference at Cran-Hill Ranch

I've been thinking about it since February. Praying for the attendees and my words, asking God to work them all together for His glory.

I've been jotting down thoughts as they come to my head, and for the past several weeks I've been working them into an organized fashion - which I pray God will use to speak to the hearts of women.
Now, with the conference just over three weeks away, I am refining my preparations and continuing to pray, pray, PRAY!

It seems the only thing left is you!
What are you doing Friday, September 28 - Sunday, September 30? I will be speaking at the Fall Women's Conference at Cran-Hill Ranch and I would absolutely love to have you join me there. The whole weekend is only $99 - all inclusive - so maybe even those of you who aren't in the neighborhood could make the trip.
How fun would THAT be??? *wink*


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