Friday, September 07, 2012

Lessons From the Edge

God's Word is richer among friends.

OK, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am NOT saying it is no good to study the Word by yourself. I treasure the time I have alone with God in His Word!
What I am saying is, I love Bible study at Edgewood!
This past week we looked at the book of Habakkuk (Because I was still thinking about this.) and - while I thought I was going into the Bible study with a fairly good grasp of the lesson - I was pleasantly surprised to discover so much more. Sitting there with the residents, asking questions and listening to their answers, God gave me insights I hadn't seen before. Several times throughout our Bible studies I summarize the main points we've discussed (One of the wonderful necessities of working with seniors!) and that action serves to firmly plant the Truth in my own head/heart. Such that, when our time comes to an end and these friends of mine thank me profusely for leading the study, I wonder who is more blessed. Them, or me?

It's a wonderful thing!

Are you part of a small group Bible study? If not, let me encourage you to find one. Because... God's Word is richer among friends.


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Patricia/NYC said...

I am sure you all were/are very blessed by the experience!

Karen, this post brought a smile to my I read it, it is so very clear how much you enjoy your job! What a gift! I know you are a blessing to the residents there & I know they are a blessing to you too!

Rock on, my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!