Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Still Gets Me

When Joshua was younger we often got into it with one another. He would stomp off to his room in anger. I pretty much stayed put in anger.
Sometimes it took a few hours, and other times it was a day or more, but typically Joshua would realize his error and apologize to me. And it always surprised me when I saw what happened to my heart in those moments. His sincere apology was all it took for me to forgive, and remember my love for him.
And in a weird sort of way, those moments made our spats OK. Because I got to see my son's tender, humble side. And it is so beautiful.

We recently had a disagreement which went the same direction. We just couldn't see eye to eye. Try as I might, I couldn't convince him it is OK to bend for the good of the family. Couldn't get him to think outside of himself. And, as per usual, he stomped past me mumbling about how annoying I am.
Moments later I heard the shower going and started to sputter inside about him wasting water.

The next thing I knew, Joshua was walking into the kitchen. He stopped as he was passing me and said, "I'm sorry for yelling earlier." Seemed his time in the shower did more than clean his stinky body. It also gave him some time to think.
And, just like that, all was forgiven. His sincere and gentle words did a number on my heart and we were reconciled.
Once again his tender, humble side surfaced. And I realized - it still gets me.



Jerralea said...

Showing our humble, tender side always softens hearts ... I wonder why we are so afraid to do it?

Nobody can push our buttons quite like our children!

Karen Hossink said...

Jerri - Could it be pride? *ugh*
And I am fully agreeing with you with regards to the buttons. No one pushes 'em quite like my kiddos. haha!

Kaira said...

I wanted to comment on this the other day when I was knee deep in a similar situation, but comments posted from my phone just refuse to stay posted for some reason.

I know for me that humble apology makes such a difference. For us, this weekend, I got an obligatory "sorry" when I first dealt out a consequence and I knew it wasn't heart-felt. The following day when the attitude changed and the apologies were sincere my heart completely softened towards Nick and I knew the worst was behind us.

Oh, some days it is challenging to be a mother!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Indeed. The obligatory "sorry" drives me nuts. I usually follow it with, "No, you aren't." Because you can just tell. Ya know?
A humble heart is so beautiful!