Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I Think I Just Spoke with my Daughter's Future Mother-in-Law

So, Elizabeth went to summer camp and made several good friends. However, there is one particular young man about whom she has continued to talk.
The two of them text scripture references back and forth to one another, then compare thoughts on the verses. At one point Elizabeth said she was praying about N, wondering if he might ever be "more than a friend", but she said she's content to just be friends.


Well, with the end of summer right around the corner, the kids (Elizabeth and her friends from camp) have been rushing to make plans for another get-together before the school year starts. Since two of them live in Grand Rapids, the plan was for Elizabeth to go to them and hang out. And that was fine with me.
But, was it OK with N's parents?
Before a young lady came to pay a visit to her son, N's mother wanted to talk with me. I liked her already! (Imagine, another mom who cares about the kids with whom her kid hangs out!) Anyway, during our conversation N's mom told me their position on dating and friendships and - wow - did I ever appreciate what she had to say! I listened to her with a certain amount of surprise that someone else felt the same way Brian and I do.
She went on to tell me that N is very fond of Elizabeth and talks about her frequently. But what delighted me most is what she said next. That N is particularly drawn to Elizabeth's spiritual strength and her desire to be a beacon for Christ among her friends.
Oh, yeah. I liked N when they were simply texting verses to one another. But to know that he admires her so much, and that he loves her love for God...

OK, they're just kids. But I see some potential here! A great kid with a great family whose values so closely match our own? I'm open to the possibilities. *grin*



Kaira said...


I love this! Thanks so much - your post makes my day!

I can hardly wait to get to know you better and I see some great conversations in front of us as we find the best way to guide our children through this relationship that seems to be headed towards more than just friendship.

Your Elizabeth is such a sweet girl - Nick thinks she is just wonderful and we will continue to impress upon him what a gift it is to be special to someone's daughter.

I'm so looking forward to seeing you soon!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - *smile*
This morning Brian saw my post and said, "What if Elizabeth reads your blog???" I simply smiled and said, "She doesn't."
I didn't know you read it. haha!
Indeed, we have some great conversations ahead of us. And I am so thankful for your heart as we embark on this adventure.
See you at CHR in a few weeks! :)