Friday, September 28, 2012

Lessons From the Edge

I can't do it all.

Of course, I know this lesson is true. But this past week, I lived it.
I stayed late at work Wednesday, getting things ready for the rest of the week because I wasn't going to be there Friday. (Taking the morning off to finish getting ready for the conference at Cran-Hill this weekend.) As I was driving home, I remembered something I didn't do and figured I would need to work that into Thursday's plans. Then I remembered I had a voice mail on my phone, so I grabbed my phone and listened to the message.
It was Elizabeth - asking me to stop at the store and pick up a couple things for her. Which reminded me of other things I needed to do and... The result is, I was quite late getting home from work, my feet were aching, and my mood was less than pleasant.

I pondered why things were so hectic and my first inclination was to "blame" Edgewood. After all, I had just spent the entire day at work and was still thinking about things I needed to do.
But I quickly realized, the reason I had all this extra stuff to consider was because I was taking time off for the conference. If I wasn't going away to speak this weekend, I wouldn't have the added pressure to get work things lined up and family things situated.
BUT, then I thought, If I didn't have to work at Edgewood, I would have all kinds of time to do the other things I need to do when I'm going to be gone for a weekend.

And the back-and-forth battle began. It's Edgewood's fault. No, it's because of the conference.
No, it's because of work.
Until I realized this week's lesson: I can't do it all. And I began to think differently. I stopped dead in my tracks and started to pray, asking God to show me where HE wants me to be.
*I love the men and women at Edgewood. Love loving them!
*But my passion is speaking the heart of God to mothers and women. And if I could make a living doing that, I would turn in my Activity Director's hat in a heartbeat.

So my prayer is that God would lead me. That HE would open or close doors according to His perfect knowledge. And I would welcome your prayers for me in this regard. I need to hear from Him, because - truly - I can't do it all.
Would also welcome your prayers for this weekend's conference - that God would speak through me, and the women in attendance would have an undeniable encounter with HIM. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

I am praying for you my friend. <3<3<3


Leah Adams said...

Karen, this is something I have dealt with since being called to ministry in 2007. I want so badly to be in full time ministry, but because of the economy and my earning capacity, I still feel I need to work a couple of days a week to contribute to our household income. I keep praying the Lord will make a way for me to quit pharmacy and do ministry full time, but thus far He continues to make sure I understand that the pharmacy is part of my ministry...not a hindrance to ministry. Some days I bend my knee to it better than others. Bless you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Karen- I have been praying for you all week, and I will pray for you right now. I have no doubt that many women will be blessed at this conference you are speaking at. You have blessed me and helped me so much, I know God's Light shines through you. ***chera ps. I see how you feel so stressed for your time and overwhelmed, I feel for you. But in the same token, I second what Leah said above--about your mininstry being where you work too. I see how you care for and love the Edgewood residents. You are such a blessing to them there! With all the wonderful things you write about in regards to Edgewood, I think a lot of the residents would be missing that Joy you bring them if you weren't there!

Karen Hossink said...

Thanks, Edie. :)

Leah - Yes, some days the knee bends better than others. *sigh*
Today I was sooooo delighted at Edgewood with the obvious way God was showing me this is where He has me. And I wondered, How can I love both things so much???
Oh, LORD, show me the way!

Chera - Thanks so much for your prayers and encouraging words. You are a blessing to me!