Thursday, September 06, 2012

Welcome to Real Life

Last week Elizabeth drove to Grand Rapids to hang out with her two best friends from camp this summer. Without even being asked, she said she would pay for the gas to make the trip. Then she tried calculating what the cost would be and was torn between staying or going.
Actually, I was glad she took responsibility for paying before I had to tell her that was going to be a requirement. Anyhoo...
As the day drew nearer, Elizabeth asked if I would be able to fill the tank between when she got home from youth group Wednesday night (She attends youth group at a church waaaaay across town.) and when she left for Grand Rapids Thursday morning. I told her that would not be possible, rather I would fill it up on my way home from work Wednesday. "Oh. So I have to pay for gas to youth group?" was her response.
I just chuckled under my breath.
Yes, dear. Like Dad and I have been paying for it every other week.

When Wednesday came around, I filled the gas tank on my way home from work. Just like I promised. But before I turned the van over to her for youth group, I had a dentist appointment to keep and Elizabeth sighed, "Oh. So I have to pay for the gas to the dentist, too?" (Our dentist is 1.18 miles from our house. I would have walked to my appointment if I didn't need to hurry up and get home to make dinner in time for Elizabeth to go to youth group! haha)
I just rolled my eyes and chuckled again.
Yes, dear. Just like Dad and I pay for it when we drive you to school, or the doctors, or the mall, or your friend's house, or...

Perhaps now she'll think twice about making unnecessary trips. ha!



Dana Heavner said...

I read this an do not understand. The girl offered to pay for her trip, not a trip to the dentist and not a trip to youth group. She had figured that mom and dad would be picking up that cost, as they, presumably, always do. Why punish her or take advantage of her thoughtfulness to pay for gas in the first place? And yes, it's all of a few miles, however, a few miles is $10!! Gas prices are crazy, especially for high school kids! I think that the mom was wrong here. You didn't honor the deal that she made, then you made a public post ridiculing her and boasting on how you took advantage of her! Rude.

Karen Hossink said...

Dana - I apologize that my tone in this post came across as ridiculing to you. That certainly was NOT my intention. Nor is it ever my intention to take advantage of my daughter.
I hope you will stick around and read more of my posts so you have a chance to see my heart. Perhaps you will understand that I was primarily being playful with this post.
Thanks for caring enough to share your thoughts. BTW, I appreciate that you included your name, rather than posting anonymously.