Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beauty and the Beau: Email Edition

I didn't mean to peek. Really. I didn't!

I simply opened my computer and there it was, right on my screen. My daughter's open email account.

And it was opened to an email from Beau. Made me smile as I read it was to "The Best Girl in the World Elizabeth".
My peripheral vision told me it was OK to look at the context of the message.
Honest! I wasn't peeking on purpose!
And as I read the message's contents, I was even more delighted. Scripture verse after scripture verse. I could tell by the topic of each verse that Nick was helping Elizabeth plan her upcoming study for the Good News Club. (A Bible study she co-leads at school.) And it simply blessed my heart to see him supporting her in this way.

Yeah. He's a keeper! *smile*



BASSakward Tales said...

You are so very blessed! You and Brian have done a fabulous job raising your kids. I told my hubs last night I wish I could "re-raise" our children. There are soooo many mistakes I made...the biggest one was not taking them to church on a regular basis and having a "home church". I know at this point all I can do is ask for forgiveness and lead by example. I know my heart would have leapt it of my chest if I had read that email. I hope you have a blessed week! Hugs!

Kaira said...
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Kaira said...

I've read a couple over the last year in the same unintended way, and they've just been the sweetest messages and I've been so pleased to see the way they encourage each other in their faith. <3

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

So sweet!!

You have every right to 'peek on purpose'. You're the mom!!

Karen Hossink said...

Ginny - Thanks for your kind words.
Oh, if we could only have do-overs with our kids. I know there are lots of things we'd ALL do differently. So thankful God's grace is BIG ENOUGH to cover our mistakes.

Kaira - We have great kids. So thankful to GOD for His hand in their hearts and lives!

Leah - I totally know what you mean. :)