Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog Forecast: IRREGULAR

The other night I had a blog planning session.

That is, in the moments before I fell asleep, I was thinking realistically about my ability to maintain Monday through Friday postings over the next few weeks.

I am going to be attending a women's conference later this week - Thursday to Sunday. I am sooooo looking forward to it. Very excited about the extended time alone with my Lord. But I also understand the reality of what that time away will do for my ability to prepare other things - this blog included.
The following Sunday I am speaking at a women's event. It's a talk I have given before. Just making some minor changes. But I do need to dedicate some time to refreshing and preparing. I owe that to the women to whom I will be speaking.
Twelve days after that talk, I am giving a new talk to a MOPS group. I have started writing this new talk, which is based on the devotion I wrote for the NIV Mom's Devotional Bible. (Due out soon!) I basically know what I want to say, but I still need to work out the details. I want to honor God with the opportunity I've been given to speak to these moms. Therefore, I want to devote enough time to prayer and preparation.

For these reasons, my plans for this blog over the next few weeks are - well - irregular.
I'm not saying I won't be posting at all. I just don't know when I will.

So, feel free to stop in any time. Just understand you might see "old" material.
And - of course - I welcome your prayers as I attend this conference, and as I prepare and deliver these talks. To GOD be the glory!


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