Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Want to be HIS Instrument

I felt a little awkward recently.

And a little too "good".

I was on the receiving end of gushing compliments and thanksgiving for the work I did in organizing the Among Friends Conference at my church last month. I was told what an amazing person I am, how wonderful it was that I put in so much time and effort to bring the conference to Lansing, and how I made a difference in the lives of so many women.
And - while it felt shamefully wonderful to have such kindnesses showered upon me - I knew GOD is the One who deserves the glory.
A couple days later I was praying, confessing my pride - and declaring my desire to honor God, alone. I told God I never want to steal any of HIS glory. And I asked forgiveness for taking any of it in the aftermath of Among Friends.
And as I sat there with my Father, pouring out my heart and asking Him to cleanse it, HE gave me a wonderful picture. I told God I want to be His instrument, and He moved me to think about a grand piano.
Have you ever heard someone play one of those? I mean really play one? As in - a trained, gifted, dedicated pianist who can produce sounds you never would imagine could come from just one person and a piano? I have been blessed to hear some of those performances and as I considered those moments while I was praying, I had a delightful "revelation".
I have never - not even once - at the end of one of those performances been moved to approach the piano and tell it how amazing it was during the concert. Even the very shiny, beautiful grand pianos which sparkle just so when the lights hit them have never been the recipients of my praises. No matter how beautiful the music was.
Because the piano is simply the instrument, and the praise belongs to the pianist.

Are you seeing the picture God was painting for me?

I sat on my bed, hugging my Bible, saying, "Yes, LORD. Yes! I want to be Your instrument. I want to be used by You to do beautiful things. I want You to do things through me which I cannot do on my own. I want to bring glory to You. But I don't ever want to steal Your glory!"

So now, whenever someone starts complimenting me because of what God did - and I start feeling like I'm more than I am - I pray God will cause me to think of a piano and the lesson HE graciously taught me. Because I really do just want to be HIS instrument.



happyhome said...

Great reminder! Love the visual.

Karen Hossink said...

Angela - It's good to *see* you! :)
I hope the piano idea will continue to be a good reminder for both of us.

Anonymous said...

I love this Reminder Karen of God's Goodness-God's Glory. A friend recently told me to remember that everything good we do is ultimately from the Lord, not from ourselves. It is also good to remind myself of God's goodness which is taking place all around me. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with the struggles of this life. My friend, I know God is shining through you. ***chera

Karen Hossink said...

Chera - It is so easy to become overwhelmed with our struggles. I pray God will enable you to see the goodness of His glory around you!
Thank you for your kind words.