Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Please Excuse Me While I Climb up on a Soapbox

I watched this video clip with my husband Sunday morning. And we shook our heads at the notion that anyone needs more of an excuse to blow off personal responsibility.

Moments later, Brian was getting ready to head out the door with the camera. He needed to do some recording, and said, "I hope the battery doesn't run out on me." To which I replied, "Did you think of this last night?" Meaning, It would have been a good idea to charge the battery before you needed to use it. *ahem!* And I followed up with a comment about the personal responsibility issue we'd just been discussing.
Then a light bulb came on and we both said, "But it's the family's camera!" So we're all responsible for charging the battery! I told Brian if the battery died on him in the middle of the recording, he could blame me. It would be my fault. And just as quickly he said it would also be Elizabeth's fault. And Joshua's. And Matthew's! But not Brian's. No sir.

Because why should we take personal responsibility for anything?

OK. I'm finished now. Climbing down. *wink*



Heather {Desperately Seeking} said...

I love it! (your conversation.. NOT the video!) Personal responsibility is sooo important and I'm trying to teach the kids that but they are growing up in a society where people don't think they have to take responsibility for anything! It's always someone else's fault! grrr... so frustrating!

Karen Hossink said...

Heather - It's a battle to be sure (teaching our kids in spite of society), but one worth fighting. Stay strong, my friend!