Friday, July 19, 2013

Lessons From the Edge

Ice cream is good for you.

Anyone else missing the cold days of winter?
OK, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement. But it is this week! And, in all seriousness, we need to take special care of our elderly population when it's like this.

So, in the name of taking care of our elderly population, my boss sent me on a special mission this week.
I was taking a group of residents to Target. (We go there once a month so they can do some shopping.) And just before we left, Laura gave me money with instructions to stop on the way back for ice cream. Oh, if you could only have heard the expressions of delight coming from the bus when everyone found out they were going to get FREE ice cream!

We seemed to get through Target in record time, then boarded the bus and went across the parking lot to Steak & Shake. I ordered shakes for everyone and we sat in the restaurant sharing smiles, stories, and laughter. For that 20 minutes, or so, no one would have thought by observing our group that it was miserably hot outside. For just a little while - sipping ice cream shakes - all was right with the world.

And that is why I now believe, ice cream is good for you.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I'm with ya! I love ice cream and Steak and Shake has makes a mighty good strawberry shake!! Yes, I'm ready for autumn and we haven't even had much hot weather here in the south.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - And did you know between 2 & 4 shakes are half-price at Steak & Shake? At least they are in Lansing!
I'll have to go back and try a strawberry shake next time. :)