Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Real Deal

Have you ever gotten one of those emails containing a touching story - which seems almost too good to be true? You know, so perfect of a set up and application that you figure it must be a made up story? Or am I the only skeptic?
Well, the story I am posting below is the real deal. It comes from a friend of mine. Her brother is the pilot telling the story.

So I had to fly today. I was taxiing out in my 24000 lb 30 seat aircraft. The reason I bring up the size of the aircraft will be relevant in this story.

As I taxied out of the ramp, I saw a bird squatting right on the center line and in a position where we would definitely kill it if we continued with take off. I slowed down thinking the bird would move. I slowed down more. The bird got up and exposed she was covering 4 babies. These babies were each about the size of a golf ball.

But here is why I am telling you this story. The mother, faced with a vehicle that is a billion times over her size, turned and charged the nose of the aircraft. At this point, I had set the brake and radioed the tower that I would be holding for a moment. The airplane I fly has two 10 foot props on it and is the noisiest, most menacing thing on the ramp and the mother of these birds was determined to give her life in the smallest possible chance to save her children.

So I sat there and finally figured out how to get out of this standoff. I can put the props of this aircraft on reverse. So I did and gently blew the babies out of harm’s way. The mother to the end of this stood her ground and never showed any signs of moving until it was apparent that her babies would not be harmed.

All in all it has been another blessed day for all of God’s creatures!

So what did I learn this Sunday morning on a day I have to fly and can’t be in God’s house? A mother’s love would face total destruction and death to defend her children. This is the same love a man named Jesus Christ had for you when He gave His life knowing it would save yours.


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