Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do You Have a Son?

Joanna Teigen is a friend of mine.
Our daughters bunked together for the first time at summer camp three (or was it four???) years ago, and our families have been friends ever since. In fact, Joanna's daughter is the one I pray for whenever I see a yellow car. We have shared many conversations about God and mothering and life, and I have grown to truly love her.
Joanna knows that I love to pray, and when she asked me to contribute a story to her new book about prayer I was more than delighted to participate. But I was a hundred times more excited when the book arrived in my mailbox Monday.
Check out this (shortened) table of contents:
*When he needs God's salvation
*When he feels inferior
*When he's angry
*When he's going through a storm
*When he needs to tell the truth
*When he's stressed
*When he's rejected
*When he hears false teaching
*When he needs self-control
*When he needs a Christian community
*When he doubts his own worth
*When I don't know what to pray
And there are 65 other prayers for your son in this book!

As I read through the table of contents and think about my own sons - and the days and months behind us (and before us!) - my mother's heart is eager to pray, pray, pray. I look forward to God leading me to pray for my boys as I read this book.

If you'd like to get your own copy, you can do so here.
BTW, my story is on page 35. *smile*


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