Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bath Time

I heard a great illustration in church Sunday.

It went something like this:
A shepherd - in caring for his sheep - was required to immerse them completely in an antiseptic bath. That is, he had to lead them into the bath, then coax them in over their heads and hold them under so their eyes, ears, and noses could be saturated by the antiseptic bath.
You can just imagine how those poor creatures must have been feeling. This shepherd - whom they had trusted fully - now seemed to be drowning them.
They must have been so scared. So confused. Wanting so desperately to run away.
Yet the whole ordeal was for their good.

Now imagine the shepherd trying to explain to the sheep the reason for what he was doing.

Yeah. Not gonna happen.
Even if he tried explaining, they would never understand. They just had to keep on trusting the shepherd. Even when it didn't make sense.

Any idea what this illustration was used for in the sermon Sunday?
Yes. As a picture of our need to trust God. Even when it doesn't make sense.
I wonder how often I am like the sheep being led into the antiseptic bath - which is for my good - but which scares me and makes me want to run away. And while I am kicking and trying to escape, my loving Father gently holds me under until the antiseptic bath has done its job.
Only HE knows the reason.
Only HE really understands.
And I only need to trust.

This illustration was a great encouragement to me, and I pray it is for you, too.



Kaira said...

That's a great illustration!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - I'm glad you think so. :)