Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Direct Communication 101

Brian (sprawled out on the bed): Would you like to be a dear?
Me (knowing what he meant to say): No. I'd rather continue on as a person.
Get it? I was answering the question, "Would you like to be a DEER?"
Honestly, I crack myself up!

Brian (trying not to roll his eyes at my feeble attempt at humor): OK. Would you like to be a nice person?
Me (with a mixture of mock-defensiveness and disdain): Uh, I'd like to think I already am.
Brian (speechless)
Me (completely satisfied, and moving in for the direct-communication-kill): Would you like to ask me to do you a favor?
Brian (sheepishly): Yeah. I need my phone. Will you get it for me?
Me: Sure. Where is it?

See what I mean? Direct communication is so much easier.
But not nearly as much fun. *wink*



Kristi Woods said...

Love your whit and humor, Karen. Love your faith exposed even more. #goJesus

Karen Hossink said...

Kristi - Thanks for stopping by. :) I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. #goJesus